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Enterprise Fleet Management From Azuga's Mobile App

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The most important thing about any fleet management app is that it must be convenient. What good is an app that is cumbersome or challenging to use? Ease of use is one of the aspects of Azuga’s fleet management software that its users boast about the most, and most of its convenience comes from its handy app. Azuga’s app has all the features that a manager needs to do their day-to-day job, from helping manage dispatching to keeping fleet drivers safe. Find out what this enterprise fleet management mobile app has to offer below. 

Improve Dispatching

Azuga’s app has all the tools you need to improve dispatching in your fleet. With the app, you can assign crews to work specific jobs in the field and even assign a lead technician to each job as needed. While the crews are working, you can monitor their job status and track them to see who’s on the job and when they finish. Fleet tracking is the name of the game, and it’s instrumental in managing a fleet well. If you know where your fleet is, you can better manage how they spend their time. 

Log Trips 

Fleet drivers naturally take many trips, and it can be challenging to determine which trip is for what. With FleetMobile, drivers can log and tag their trips, so you know precisely what each involves. They can even tag their trips as personal, so you can separate lunch breaks from work-related trips. 

Track Time

With TimeCard, FleetMobile allows drivers to track their time in real-time, submitting their time cards right from their smartphones. There's no more chasing drivers down for their time cards at the end of every week. All they have to do is tap a few buttons, and the otherwise tedious task is done in a flash! 

Track Safety Scores

Fleet safety is a top priority for any fleet manager. One of the ways you can promote driver safety is by having your drivers track their safety scores. Safety scores are based on a driver’s telematics and driving behavior, and drivers can even earn rewards for safe behavior! Because scores are tracked in real-time, drivers can assess their performance at any time they want. 

Provide Driver Rewards

As mentioned, managers can reward drivers with good safety scores for good behavior. With Azuga’s driver rewards program, drivers can earn gift cards when they achieve good safety scores, which they can track anytime through the app. This feature encourages friendly competition among drivers and promotes a safety culture in the fleet that reduces accidents and other dangerous occurrences. 

Complete Risk Assessments

Keeping fleets safe is a top priority for fleet managers, and lowering their risk comes with the territory. With Azuga’s app, you can complete fleet risk assessments using accurate data from your vehicles’ telematics and drivers’ safety scores. Fold in all of your drivers’ history to get a comprehensive view of the risks that your drivers face so you can keep them safe on the road. 

Eliminate Distractions 

You can add DriveSafe to Azuga’s app, which blocks smartphone distractions such as texting, calling, and redundant apps when the vehicle is in motion. Distracted driving is one of the greatest dangers on our roads today, so it’s vital to driver safety to cut down on these distractions to limit accidents and safety events. 

Check Out FleetMobile Today!

If you’re looking for the app to perfect your fleet’s operations, look no further than Azuga’s FleetMobile. Try a demo today to see the difference it can make for your enterprise fleet. You’ll be at a significant advantage when you start using this app to streamline your services and increase your fleet’s safety.