Fleet Tracking

Enterprise Fleet Hardware Installation is as Easy as 1,2,3

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Fleet tracking is becoming the norm in most enterprise fleets across the world. It offers a variety of advantages that fleets simply can’t compete without anymore. However, nobody wants to pause their entire business to install complicated and challenging hardware into their hundreds of vehicles. It simply isn’t feasible for the majority of companies, especially enterprise businesses. That’s why Azuga’s fleet tracking solution is easy to install; in fact, it takes less than 20 seconds. Find out how Azuga’s GPS fleet tracking installation works and the advantages of tracking your fleet in this article. 

How to Install GPS Tracking in Your Vehicles

When we say that installing GPS tracking takes less than 20 seconds, we mean it. If your vehicles were manufactured after 1996, they should have an OBD port. The port should be within two feet of either side of the steering column. Next, all you have to do is plug in the device. After a few seconds, lights should appear on the device. Wait about two minutes for the device to run through its initial setup, turn the vehicle on and let it idle for about 30 seconds. Ensure that no error lights appear on the dash. If you do see any error lights, reach out to Azuga support, and they’ll be able to assist. If you have any trouble installing your device, watch our video, Azuga OBD II Plug-In Device Installation Guide, for more clarification. 

Why You Need GPS Tracking in Your Vehicles

Maximize Efficiency

Fleet tracking tells you where your vehicles and assets are at any given time throughout the day. If you have different vehicles and assets that need to be at various sites, it’s easy to keep track of with the map in your fleet management software. It’s easy for you to tell precisely when certain people and assets need to be dispatched and to tell when things have gotten off track. When your drivers appear off track, you can check in right away, so there’s no wasted time. Fleets with GPS tracking are far more efficient. 

Optimize Resources

Asset tracking is one of the most significant advantages of fleet tracking. There are a variety of bonuses with asset tracking. Fleets have so much equipment to keep track of that it can be impossible to do manually. Luckily, if you just put a tracker on your equipment, it’s easy to know what you have and where it is, so you never run into issues. 

You can set up a geofence that alerts you when your assets exit a boundary that you set. This prevents theft and improper use of your equipment. If your assets are stolen and pass through this boundary, you will be alerted and can tell police exactly where they are. 

Asset tracking also prevents the purchase of duplicate assets. It can be challenging to track what you already have on hand without this feature, but if you know what you have on hand, you won’t accidentally waste money purchasing something you don’t need. It’s an immense benefit that saves money. 


Driver safety is a top priority of any fleet, and fleet tracking helps keep drivers safe. Fleet trackers often have a panic button that allows drivers to get help whenever they need it. Furthermore, because fleet managers always have their eyes on their drivers, they can reach out if they notice their drivers behaving oddly or unexpectedly. 

Start Tracking Today!

With Azuga Fleet’s fleet ease of installation and the other advantages it offers, there is no reason not to implement it for your fleet. If you want to see more of what fleet tracking can do, try out a demo today and check it out for yourself.