The Dual-Facing Dashcam System that Fleet Drivers Must Have in 2022

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Fleet technology has improved significantly in the past few decades, and as a result, fleets are more protected than ever before. There are all kinds of new technology solutions, from improved fleet tracking and telematics to dual-facing dashcams. Dual-facing dashcams not only defend your drivers in the event of an accident but also prevent dangerous driving behaviors that result from distracted driving. Azuga offers the best dual-facing dashcam on the market, called the Azuga SafetyCam. This article will discuss all of the benefits that this camera can bring you in 2022. 

About Distracted Driving

One of the significant problems that distracted driving combats is distracted driving. Distracted driving caused 3,142 lives in 2019, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. The problem is serious; it only takes five seconds at 55 miles per hour for a vehicle to drive the length of a football field. Think of all of the danger a driver can face in these five seconds. There are three types of distraction that fleets have to watch out for: 

  • Visual: Visual distractions occur when drivers take their eyes off the road. 
  • Manual: Manual distractions occur when drivers take their hands off the wheel. 
  • Cognitive: Cognitive distractions occur when drivers take their minds off driving. 

Sources of distraction can come from anywhere, but there are familiar sources that you, as a fleet manager, are likely aware of and monitoring. Distractions such as cell phone use, drowsy driving, and eating while driving particularly plague fleets because they spend so much time on the road. Luckily, AI dual-facing dashcams can prevent these issues. 

How the AI Dashcam Prevents Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has only worsened in recent years, and the AI dual-facing dashcam was created in response to this rising problem. This dashcam uses cloud AI technology to detect dangerous driving behaviors. Then it provides managers with data to help them make decisions that keep their fleet safe. This dashcam can detect a variety of distractions, including: 

  • Eating and Drinking
  • Using a Phone
  • Smoking
  • Wearing a Mask
  • Yawning or Fatigue
  • Face not visible
  • Eyes Not Focused
  • Camera Obstruction

Once the dashcam detects these distractions, it sends the video through the AI engine. This engine analyzes the video, finds the distraction events, and provides tags that make it easier for you to determine the causes of distraction

Furthermore, it will alert the driver, giving them a chance to correct their behavior. If they can fix the issue, the fleet manager will not be notified in real-time. However, if the issue persists, the driver is causing danger on the road, and the fleet manager must be informed. 

Events on the Road

Of course, there are all kinds of dangerous driving behaviors that can’t be detected by simply watching the inside of the cab. That’s where the front-facing dashcam comes in. It can sense all kinds of dangerous driving behaviors such as hard braking, rapid acceleration, hard cornering, and excessive lane changes. It is always a good idea to have another eye on the road since drivers might not even be aware that they are making these mistakes after several hours on the road. A simple reminder from the alert system may be enough to get them back on track. However, if they are purposely driving aggressively, it may be time for you to get involved with in-cab coaching options, and the dashcam will let you know when that point comes. 

The Benefits of Dual-Facing Dashcams

Dashcams bring you a plethora of benefits in 2022. From saving you money to keeping your drivers safe, AI dual-facing dashcams are on your side throughout all aspects of fleet management. We will go over some of the benefits of dual-facing dashcams in this section. 

Protection in an Accident

The best thing you can have in the event of an accident is a witness in your defense. 70% of accidents are not your fleet drivers’ fault, and dashcams can prove that. Your drivers can avoid wrongful consequences for accidents that aren’t their fault. Many insurance fraudsters target fleet drivers for their scams because they can receive hefty payouts. This is why you need dashcams as your witness; they provide footage of the road and the driver, showing a complete view of everything that happened. This means you will not have to spend money on a payout for an accident that isn’t your fault. 

Insurance Discounts

Many insurance providers appreciate knowing that you are keeping your fleet drivers safe because safe fleets are a lower risk to insure. Therefore, they will often offer discounts to fleets that equip their drivers with dashcams. Trucks with dashcams are already less likely to get into an accident because they are held accountable at a higher level. Then, if they do get into an accident, they are more likely to be exonerated, and the insurance will not have to pay out. Insurance companies want fleets to use dashcams. 

Use for Training and Coaching

You can use the footage from dashcams for your own safety training programs. People learn better from real-life applications instead of hypotheticals, and with dashcams, you can provide those real-life situations. Furthermore, you can also implement in-cab coaching with dashcams when drivers make mistakes. This helps ensure that drivers have all the needed tools to drive safely on the road. 

Invest in the Azuga SafetyCam

Azuga’s SafetyCam is the best of the best when it comes to dashcam technology. It offers all of the features mentioned in this article and more. To see what the dashcam can do, try a demo out for yourself. You’ll be impressed with what Azuga can do.