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How to Create a Driver Wellness Program

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We’ve talked recently on this blog about driver mental and physical health. As a trucker, finding a routine that keeps your body and mind healthy is hard. Truck driving is a challenging job, and fleet managers need to do everything they can to support driver health. You can accomplish this by creating a driver wellness program. Let’s discuss seven ways to promote driver wellness in your fleet. 

No. 1: Gather Information from Your Drivers

Your drivers know better than anyone what they will need from a wellness program. Gather driver input before you implement anything. This feedback will guide your decisions so you’re not putting something into practice that doesn’t end up helping. It will also make your drivers more receptive to your wellness program, knowing that you care about their health and their input. 

No. 2: Implement Stretching Routines

So many drivers suffer from back problems due to sitting in one position for so long. Stretching is an excellent way to mitigate this problem! Bring in a professional to show your drivers the best stretches they can do on the road. Also, ensure they have enough breaks to carry these stretches out. 

No. 3: Promote Preventive Screenings

Drivers are at risk for many health challenges due to the trucking lifestyle. Inform them about these risks — fatigue, high blood pressure, sleep apnea, diabetes, loneliness, depression, anxiety, etc. Go one step further and support preventive screenings for these problems. Ensure the insurance you offer covers these screenings and build your schedule around appointments drivers might need to conduct them. 

No. 4: Encourage Exercise Within Driver Schedules

Drivers often suffer these health problems because they do not get enough exercise. It’s hard to find time to exercise when you’re trying to meet delivery schedules. Take a close look at your drivers’ schedules and suggest some exercises they can do while meeting their goals. You can even bring in an expert to help with this step. Some suggestions might include laps around the truck, kettlebells, or even using truck stops with workout rooms!

No. 5: Encourage Support Among Drivers

Each driver has their own tricks and expertise regarding their route and their health. Create a way that drivers can share this information with each other. They can share which truck stops have gyms or walking paths nearby, places to get a healthy bite to eat, and more! You can create a group chat or even a bulletin board at the office for drivers to check.

No. 6: Show Your Commitment to Wellness Programs

It is severely detrimental if drivers want to improve their lifestyle but don’t feel your support. Make it clear where you stand on driver wellness, and support your drivers with words and actions. Following the steps above is a significant first step. Next, you should pay attention to driver feedback and continuously encourage drivers to take a moment for their health. 

Azuga Supports Your Wellness Program

You’ll need an efficient schedule to ensure your drivers have all the necessary breaks and time to exercise and stretch. Azuga can help with this. Our dispatch software, combined with our route planning tool, enables you to create an efficient — and healthy — fleet! Discuss your goals with an expert today to see how we can help.