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How to Reward Good Fleet Drivers

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We often talk on this blog about tracking driver behavior and determining your drivers’ strengths and weaknesses. Too many fleet managers only see their drivers’ flaws and focus on correcting mistakes. However, another benefit to tracking driver behavior is the ability to reward your best drivers. What are the best ways to accomplish this? Let’s discuss six ways to show drivers you appreciate their efforts.

New Vehicle Gear

A driver’s vehicle is where they spend most of their time. They know best what is helpful in their “mobile offices.” If you have a driver with outstanding performance, ask them what they might like to improve about their vehicle! This is an excellent reward because it improves your driver’s workplace environment, which affects them daily. 

External Vehicle Customization

Many of us use our vehicles to show off our personalities. It might be fun to let your drivers do the same with their vehicles! Of course, you want to do so in a way that can easily be transferred between vehicles and removed if needed. A customized magnetic bumper sticker is the way to go. Personalization adds a little fun to your driver’s routine. 

Online Employee Profile

Your drivers are your business’s most important asset. A great way to reward drivers is to recognize them on your website! Drivers can show off their personalities and accomplishments. You can make this reward memorable by granting it to drivers with a specific number of hours or a particular safety score. 

Snack and Lunch Budget

Drivers have always used fuel cards or personal funds to purchase food they want to eat on the road. It’s hard for drivers to eat well, and rewarding them with a budget to treat themselves to the best is a great motivator. 

Title Recognition

If drivers achieve a certain level of excellence, rewarding them by acknowledging their skill in their job title is a great choice. An alternative is giving drivers nicknames based on their best talent. 

Opportunities for Leadership

If your drivers have hit the top of the board in your organization, show your trust in them! You can do this by offering leadership opportunities. All employees seek growth in their careers, and this is a great way to accomplish that!

Azuga Rewards

Azuga is an expert in the fleet game– we know what drivers want. With Azuga Rewards, you can automatically track your drivers’ performance and award them gift cards based on their achievements. Everything is automatic. We determine the best drivers, and we send them the rewards. All you have to do is indicate your spending amount! To learn more about our rewards program, schedule a demo with one of our experts today!