Can a Dash Cam Record Inside the Car?

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If you’re in the market for a dash cam, you’ve likely seen all kinds of options. You need the best out there to boost your fleet’s safety. One of the most common questions regarding dash cams is: can a dash cam record inside the car? The answer depends on the dash cam you select. Let’s dive into the different types of dash cams and what’s best for your fleet. 

What Can a Dash Cam Record?

There are four options when it comes to what you can record with your dashcam. 

Forward Facing: This camera catches collisions and any other incident on the road. You will mount this dash cam to the windshield or rearview mirror. The footage obtained can exonerate you in the wake of an accident. It can even be used for training and coaching.

Dual Facing: Just like forward facing cameras, dual facing cameras will be mounted on the windshield. However, these cameras have two lenses: one that faces the road and one that looks into the cab. Dual facing dash cams give you a lot more coverage. The interior camera can promote safe driving behaviors and catch bad habits.  

Exterior: An exterior camera will be mounted outside the vehicle. It can capture up to a 360-degree view of the road. These are best for navigating blind spots.

Interior: An interior camera can be used for anything. Mount it in the trailer to keep an eye on your cargo. You can mount it in the cab to review driver behavior. There are lots of uses for an interior camera. 

Dual-Facing Dash Cams

If you are looking for a dash cam that records inside the car, you will want a dual facing dash cam or an interior one. You may use a dual-facing dash cam to monitor drivers and an interior dash cam on your cargo. Azuga’s AI dash cam records events and can send alerts when unsafe behavior occurs. 

Our dash cam captures footage of both the road and the inside of the cab. It uses AI to detect safety events and can send alerts when these problems occur too often. 

The road-facing camera can alert you to problems like rapid acceleration, hard braking, excessive lane changes, or hard cornering. When drivers spend hours on the road, they may not be as quick to catch these problems themselves. However, the system can give them an alert that helps them get back on track.

This AI dash cam can also detect signs of distracted driving within the vehicle. We know how dangerous distracted driving is, but it happens all the time. Drivers spending a lot of time on the road may be especially prone. Azuga’s AI SafetyCam’s artificial intelligence can detect distracted driving behaviors like: 

  • Eating/drinking
  • Using phone
  • Smoking
  • Yawning/fatigue
  • Not focused

Our AI dual facing dash cam goes above and beyond what the average dash cam can accomplish. You can learn more about our dash cam technology by speaking to one of our experts today!