Steps for Creating a Company Dash Cam Policy

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Dash cams are an immensely useful tool for fleets of any kind. However, when you begin implementing dash cams, you may find that your drivers are hesitant or raise concerns. This is perfectly normal, but you must be prepared. Ensure that your drivers (and managers) are all on the same page and well-informed by creating structured dash cam policies and procedures. This guide will help you develop this policy to ensure dash cam implementation goes smoothly for your business. 

How to Create a Dash Cam Policy

Step One: Outline Your Goals

What will you be using your dash cams for? There are many ways to use dash cams, which you can find outlined in our blog article: Top Reasons Why Dash Cams Are Important in Trucking. When implementing dash cams, clearly explain your goals to your drivers and managers. 

Step Two: Determine Principles for Implementing Dash Cams

There are several questions that you need to answer at this step. 

  • Which vehicles will have dash cams?
  • How will you store footage?
  • Will you inform drivers when the footage is stored?
  • Who has access to the footage?
  • How long does your dash cam save the footage?
  • Does the camera provide constant live feeds, or is it triggered by certain events or driver actions?
  • How will your business handle footage that reveals inappropriate behavior?

This is the stage where you create your policies and must address all of the questions outlined here. 

Step Three: Create Lines of Communication

Your drivers will likely have many questions regarding your policies and new procedures. When you share these policies with your drivers, you should also include a forum where they can express complaints and suggestions and further discuss this recent change. 

Step Four: Obtain Employee Acknowledgement

You must record that your employees have viewed and acknowledged your dash cam policy. This way, if any problems arise, you have proof that everyone is aware of the guidelines. You should get names, signatures, and date in writing and keep that information on hand. 

Azuga’s AI SafetyCam

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