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Tailor Data Analysis to Your Needs With Customizable Fleet Reporting

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Gathering data on your fleet can be a challenge if you don’t have the right tools at your disposal. It takes the right technology to collect data and the proper tools to analyze it and create actionable reports that you can use to make important business decisions regarding your fleet. Azuga is a comprehensive fleet management solution that helps you gather the data you need with ease for fleet reporting. This article will discuss Azuga’s custom reporting feature and how your fleet can use it to optimize operations. 

What Kinds of Reports Can You Generate?

You can track so many different types of metrics with Azuga’s technology that it can be challenging to determine how to use these metrics to your advantage. However, there are various reports you can generate to help you make decisions for the betterment of your fleet. Here are some examples of reports that may help you improve your fleet’s finances, operations, customer service, safety, and more. 

  • Trip History Report: This breadcrumb trail will show you your vehicles’ day-to-day activities. You can view individual vehicles or your whole fleet at once. 
  • Risk Management Report: This report will show you instances of unsafe driving in your fleet or problems with your vehicles. You can already get alerts when these events occur, but a report allows you to view all of the events in one place. 
  • Vehicle Data: You can view all of a vehicle’s data at any point in time. This is particularly useful in a collision but can also track driver safety and ensure drivers are not engaging in any unsafe behaviors. 
  • Financial Reports: This report shows your fleet’s financial information:  how much money your business makes, any losses, and where you earn the most. 
  • Maintenance Reports: Maintenance reports will show you what vehicles need the most maintenance and what parts require the most attention. Keeping up on maintenance keeps drivers safe and businesses effective. 

How Can These Reports Help Businesses? 

Fleet reports help you make important decisions that will better your fleet in the long run. They help you easily identify problems so you can take steps to resolve them. For example, with a trip history report, you can find areas where drivers may be idling and find ways to keep them productive during these times. Risk management reports help you make decisions that will keep your fleet safe. Reports can be used across all aspects of fleet management to identify problems and find solutions. They’re critical for fleets to grow and improve over time. 


It’s important to get started tracking data right away so you can view reports and begin improving your business as soon as possible. You can start tracking data today with Azuga by trying out a demo of our software online!