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An Overview of Construction Equipment Telematics

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If you’re running a construction fleet, you know how important data is. You have all kinds of vehicles and assets in play at all times, and you need the proper software to monitor it and the ability to break down information, so it’s easy to digest and use for your daily tasks. Telematics for construction equipment can help you: 

  • Determine the location of your construction assets at any time
  • Manage multiple job sites and projects
  • More easily monitor the utilization of your assets and maximize their output
  • Monitor how much equipment is in use and when it’s up for maintenance

As you can see, construction fleets have many reasons to use telematics. Let’s discuss the benefits in more detail now. 

Monitoring Heavy Equipment

When you have multiple job sites and equipment moving back and forth between them, things can get confusing quickly. So many construction fleets are taking advantage of a construction telematics software solution. With this solution in place, all your assets are available for monitoring on one platform so you can automate their maintenance, locate them when they’re lost, and access their information on your mobile device. Get diagnostics in real-time, so you’ll always know the needs of your fleet, no matter where you are. 

Utilizing Construction Equipment

Monitoring is only half the battle; you also want to ensure that you utilize all of your assets to their fullest potential. If you’re using your equipment properly, you can reduce equipment hoarding, reduce unnecessary hiring costs, and increase productivity on your job sites. Construction asset tracking reports can show you the total number of assets on a job site, the active days on a project, and engine hours. It sums all of this information up to show you equipment utilization as a percentage in one easy-to-access place. Having this data is crucial in your day-to-day decisions. For example, you can cross-reference time spent on a site with asset usage, figure out how much an asset is costing you in fuel costs, or calculate contractor costs. 

Promote Safety and Compliance

You may be surprised to learn that tracking equipment can also boost safety on your job sites. Telematics also tracks operator behavior. You can obtain customizable reports that highlight specific driver habits and warn you when there are problems that warrant more training. And knowing the behaviors will tell you exactly what training is needed. Telematics also helps you ensure that your fleet is stays compliant with federal regulations, so you never have to worry about being hit with unexpected fines or fees. 

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