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The Best Tour Routing Software of 2020

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If your commercial fleet handles complex routes with many stops, routing can be difficult. If you want to also include features that will help conserve fuel, boost productivity, keep your fleet ahead of compliance standards and promote an overall culture of safety, you’re going to need to be picky when choosing software.

What is Routing Software?

The basic concept of routing software is that it uses GPS data to help plan out a trip. The most basic versions will simply give you directions to your destination. More advanced versions take into account real-time routing concerns like traffic congestion, road hazards, and adverse conditions.

Standard GPS route optimization is designed for a single trip, point A to point B, but it may not handle trips that include points C, D, E, F, and so on. If you’re in need of tour routing software, you have to have a program that will handle a number of scheduled stops in a single route while keeping track of the current road and traffic conditions. Here are a few of our favorite options.


C2Logix is geared toward municipality use, though it’s also employed in plenty of private businesses. Their point-to-point routing system was initially developed for use in the waste collection industry, but they now offer solutions for emergency management, snow plow routes, delivery and collection, and even home service businesses.

With C2Logix, you can schedule routes locally, regionally, or nationally. Optimized routes can be created up to 60 days in advance, and you can plan for all sorts of service schedules and visit frequencies. The software even integrates easily with top GPS devices like Garmin, TomTom, and Android devices.


If you’re looking for an option designed for the sales and marketing world, Geopointe works with your Salesforce system to map out sales calls. This is a handy option if you want to create a tour visiting several clients in a single geographic area, or for those who simply want integration to seamlessly combine sales info and route optimization.

The Geopointe route planner offers multi-day routes, with up to 100 stops each. The program allows salespeople to see a clear calendar of their upcoming trips, lets them use both mobile and desktop devices, and makes it easy to share route information with managers or coworkers. It’s great for managing large sales territories all in one easy view.


If you’re looking for a top-end tracking software system, it’s hard to beat Azuga Fleet for the sheer number of features and optional add ons. This software works via plug-and-play OBD II devices so there’s no costly and time-wasting installation. The routing options let you streamline dispatch with all the GPS details you could want. But more than this, Azuga is a company focused on improving road safety for commercial fleets.

Azuga’s safety features and options include safety-related telematics that help you know which drivers are exhibiting risky behaviors like speeding or hard braking, and in what scenarios. They then offer training videos customized to each driver’s habits with Azuga Coach. There’s even a Safe Driver Rewards program to help motivate drivers to improve.

The benefits of Azuga telematics don’t stop with safety. Use the data reported by the system to streamline maintenance, increase fuel efficiency, keep ahead of compliance issues, and even save money on insurance premiums.


For organized logistics and field service route optimization, LogiNext is an excellent option. Their delivery logistics automation is streamlined for ease of use, yet offers plenty of analytics and logistics data. The system is designed to be customized, with a number of different solutions, each catering to different types of fleet businesses.

For delivery businesses, LogiNext offers advanced features like capacity planning to ensure that each truck is filled to an optimal level and can be dispatched and operated efficiently. They also offer the ability to track and re-optimize routes in real-time with a detailed map view. 


Route4Me is a software solution designed for those who visit more than 10 destinations per day. The program makes it easy to drop in a list of addresses and come out with an optimized route for each driver in your fleet. Their promise is that you’ll never have to spend more than one minute per day on route planning.

The company recommends its solution for field sales, delivery, pick up, home services, fleets, and field marketing businesses, among others. It offers the ability to change routes daily, weekly, or even seasonally depending on your fleet’s needs. And there’s no hardware to buy — simply install the program on each driver’s mobile device and off they go.

If you’re looking for tour routing software for your fleet, why not give Azuga a call? We’ll be happy to show you all the benefits of our system and how it can work for you.