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Best GPS Apps for Truckers in 2020

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Long gone are the days of folded up maps stored in the glove box and asking for directions when you get lost. Today’s truckers have embraced technology in a big way. One of the best technologies found in most trucks is a mobile phone or tablet. These devices combined with global positioning satellite (GPS) technology-based apps make life on the road easier in more ways than one. Here are a few of our favorite apps for truckers in 2020.

Azuga Fleet Mobile

Understandably, our number one GPS app for truckers is Azuga Fleet Mobile. Available free with any Azuga Fleet subscription, this handy app really does it all. Drivers can track safety scores to improve their on-road performance. They can log and tag trips for easier reporting. There are built-in utilities for monitoring your truck’s maintenance needs, navigating unfamiliar roads, and finding where you parked your truck when you can’t remember. And add-ons like TimeCard, DriveSafe, and Occupant Recognition make everyday tasks a breeze.

Don’t take our word for it. Azuga has success stories from fleets across the country and in several industries. Our users love benefits like the ability to recover a stolen vehicle quickly or our safe driver rewards program which recognizes top performers on the road. And boosts to fleet safety, performance, and productivity are priceless and affordable with Azuga’s fleet management software. 


We’ve all experienced it. You’re on the road, in unfamiliar territory, and you realize you need to fill up. You stop at the nearest station and fill up, only to find that a cheaper option was only an exit or two farther down the road.

GasBuddy is a great way to avoid overpaying for fuel. It’ll tell you not only where the nearest diesel stations are, but also which are least expensive. And if you pay using the app, you can save even more. They even have dining deals so you can also get a good price on fuel for your truck and for yourself.

GPS Speedometer and Odometer

Sometimes you just want a simple app for a simple purpose. If you’re looking for a way to track your speed and mileage, even when an internet connection isn’t available, you want GPS Speedometer and Odometer for Android or iOS.

There are plenty of speedometer apps without gps, but they tend not to work in remote areas or when data coverage is spotty. This app can keep track of your current speed, average speed, distance, and odometer whether you’re connected or not. It also has stopwatch and geo location features and even works with HUD (heads up display) hardware.


Sticking with the offline-availability theme, OsmAnd is a handy navigation tool available on Google, Amazon, and Apple devices. Its navigation features work 100% offline, which is handy for truckers who often find themselves in areas where data service is unreliable.

This one goes beyond your normal GPS navigation app with some handy features you’re sure to love. It can announce traffic warnings, give you a heads up about stop signs, and alert you when you’re over the speed limit. It even offers lane guidance as well as contour lines and hillshades to give you an idea of the elevation changes you might encounter on your route.

Trucker Path

One of the top GPS apps in the industry is Trucker Path. This one was designed specifically for the trucking industry and is rich with the kind of information truckers need. It will direct you to truck stops (both branded and independent), local truck washes (including trailer washouts), or available truck parking nearby. It also monitors weigh stations to let you know which are open and which aren’t. And since it’s aimed at truckers, the navigation includes details about low clearance and other truck-specific concerns.


Finally, no GPS app roundup would be complete without a mention of Waze. This fan-favorite isn’t built with truckers in mind, but it does have a lot of features that truckers love. Don’t use this one as your main navigation, but keep it handy as you drive to take advantage of its many alerts and other features.

With Waze, details on current road conditions are crowd-sourced, so the app can tell you when there’s a hazard on the road ahead or a speed trap coming up. You’ll always know what the slowdown is ahead and how long you’re likely to be stuck in traffic.

While there are many more apps available for truckers, we believe these are some of the best around. Give them a try and see if you agree!