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Benefits of Using an Advanced GPS System

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GPS (or Global Positioning System) technology is, without a doubt, one of the most critical technologies in the world today. An advanced GPS tracking system’s applications range from simple small-scale activities such as driving to complex commercial activities such as fleet management and asset management.

If you intend to minimize operational costs and improve your fleet business’s productivity, an advanced GPS system could be a perfect start. While the goal is similar, there is a massive difference between a simple GPS for basic tracking and an advanced GPS tracking system with extensive features. You will find so many advantages linked to implementing an advanced system for your business. Below are some of those benefits.

Ten Benefits of Advanced GPS Fleet Tracking

#1. Save on operating costs – The first primary goal of implementing GPS tracking software for your fleet company is to save on your business costs. It allows you to define the shortest truck routes and helps you reduce fuel consumption. Unnecessary overtime for drivers could lead to extra costs, and with a proper system in place, fleets can avoid this additional labor cost.

Advanced GPS also reduces tedious paperwork as the system can automatically track and save details in a more user-friendly manner than old-school methods. The data is kept safe yet available to access at a moment’s notice.

#2. Save time and reduce downtime – Time management is crucial, especially in the transportation sector. When you often get trucks stuck in traffic for several minutes or even hours, it translates to wasted time. A real-time tracking system allows managers to guide drivers to avoid busy routes in real-time.

Reducing downtime helps improve productivity and profitability within a transportation company. A GPS tracking system with telematics allows you to make informed decisions when scheduling trips, reducing your vehicles’ downtime in the end.

#3. Optimize resources and maximize asset utilization – With an advanced GPS fleet system in place, you will be in a position to get detailed and timely information on driver behavior, fuel usage, and engine idling, among other details. The data obtained from your fleet management system allows you to utilize your resources effectively and identify any problems quickly.

Simultaneously, an advanced GPS system enables you to get the most out of your fleet. You can use data and analysis from the tracking software to determine which assets are not used to their fullest potential, allowing you to rearrange work duties to best use your entire fleet.

#4. Effectively manage field staff and drivers – GPS fleet management systems help fleet businesses manage their field workers and drivers, regardless of their numbers. Management can use tracking system data to analyze driver behaviors and take proper action where necessary.

By taking suitable measures at the proper time, fleet managers save time, resources, and even the company reputation where misdeeds by staff members are involved.

#5. Minimize maintenance costs – Advanced GPS tracking systems have superior telematics features, including vehicle diagnostics, engine temperature, and fuel level indicators. The ability to monitor such vital aspects and your fleet’s overall condition allows you to repair minor problems before they become major mechanical failures. Fleet management software will enable you to stay ahead and determine when an inspection or maintenance is required.

#6. Proper route planning and increased productivity – A quick-track GPS system allows you to identify the best routes that save both time and money. It minimizes unproductive work and cuts down on unnecessary fuel expenditure.

By allowing you to plan better, you can assign productive tasks whenever an idle vehicle is available. That means you will be able to make more trips in a day, which converts to more business and more profits.

#7. Locate all your assets – Advanced GPS fleet management software facilitates the quick recovery of lost or stolen assets. Your entire inventory is within your reach at all times. For example, in the event of vehicle theft, an advanced GPS system with geofencing can alert you the moment your asset leaves its designated area. You can then provide this information to the police, allowing them to recover the vehicle as efficiently as possible.

#8. More sales and distribution – Besides helping employers track outdoor sales and distribution personnel, GPS tracking software also allows employees to improve their operations. Sales and analytics and real-time reporting help enhance the performance of your sales and distribution teams. Further, it facilitates improved territory planning and time management to help your field staff introspect and perform better.

#9. Reduced insurance costs – One of the many things that insurance companies consider when setting premiums is GPS tracking system installation. Many companies offer special discounts for vehicles fitted with advanced GPS tracking systems because they present less liability than untracked assets.

#10. Law enforcement – Access to advanced GPS tracking software allows law enforcers to track down offenders easily without the need for a physical search. Physical search can be tedious and less effective, whereas digital tracking is fast and effective.

What to Look for in an Advanced GPS Tracking System

If you are in the market for a GPS tracking solution for your fleet operations, it is essential to be specific about the most critical capabilities needed for your fleet. With so many solutions on offer, ensure that you go with an advanced GPS system that guarantees the following:

  • Easy to configure with an intuitive interface 
  • Precise landmarking for more meaningful alerts, mapping, and reporting
  • Fuel card integration
  • Configurable alerts
  • Scheduled maintenance alerts
  • Unlimited back-dated data retrieval

The Ultimate Advanced GPS Fleet Tracking Solution

Now that you have a complete understanding of how an advanced GPS system may help your fleet, it should be obvious what to do next. Azuga offers a robust GPS fleet telematics system that improves the operations of fleet businesses and enhances safety. Upgrade to Azuga today and experience a simple to use, easily customizable, affordable, and easy to install software for your business.