Azuga’s Solution to the “One Port Dilemma”

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What’s the common tech hardware trend in recent years? It’s one device, multiple applications.

Think about it. Smartphones can do everything your tablet or laptop do, helping to eliminate the need for multiple devices. While you would think this trend is catching on in the fleet tracking industry, that’s not quite the case. Old school GPS fleet trackers are just single-trick ponies, and even that one trick doesn’t extract useful data from the engine computer. Meanwhile, new device technologies and software platforms are future proofing fleet customers for its purchasing decisions with multiple applications being built on the digital exhaust originating from the engine computer.

1 OBD port per vehicle + Multiple device software combinations for the task at hand = Impractical

As the trailblazer of the industry, Azuga is solving this problem by providing the most cutting-edge technology for its customers, which results in a diverse list of applications built into one single platform. The single platform enhances the overall connected vehicle experience, providing all the rich data needed with just one device. This is critical for fleet customers since switching hardware to suit particular software is a major pain point and we understand that purchasers need the reassurance that the decision they make today will not cause buyer’s remorse tomorrow.

We’re in the midst of the connected vehicle revolution. This shift will force providers to offer a more comprehensive solution. In fact, we predict that all single-trick app vendors will be obsolete by 2017.  Some of these applications will be purpose-built, to solve a particular business problem (fleet tracking and (driver retention), and some will be driven by changes in regulation (smog check bypass) using data from the OBD port). Some are even more revolutionary like the OReGO Road Usage Charge Program, which is expected to be implemented in many other states across the U.S. by the end of 2016. That said, we think it’s about time the telematics industry starts looking to the future.

The Solution Lies in the Data

1 OBD port per vehicle + Azuga’s Hardware = All You Need to Get the Job Done

Since its inception in 2012, Azuga has been working to provide a broad list of connected car offerings that are based on the most accurate vehicle data read on the market. This unique and innovative technology makes Azuga the one-stop-shop for fleets. Unlike the other guys, Azuga’s solution captures what we deem the “digital exhaust.” This means all the real-time, rich data that would otherwise be lost with traditional GPS fleet trackers is collected from Azuga’s OBD port hardware and translated into valuable information and instantaneously communicated to a manager’s and driver’s smartphone, computer or tablet. The information that is provided goes much deeper than our competitors and allows fleets to:

  • Track fleets by location
  • Monitor driver behavior in real time
  • Bypass smog checks by submitting data to regulating authorities
  • Empower drivers to improve through gamification & self-coaching
  • Read vehicle health
  • Reduce carbon emissions
  • Trim insurance premiums

This disruptive, cohesive GPS technology is made possible by the work done by our very own Data Science team at Azuga Labs. At the lab we collect information that will be able to enhance the customer experience through unique, rich data collected from the digital exhaust. For example, the team is developing fuel economy profiles for each vehicle from a repository of fleet-trip data collected over several years across various regions of the U.S. The team is also working towards cracking the code on the cryptic MIL light, which will allow fleets to read vehicle health and make informed repair cost estimate decisions without a trip to the auto shop.

As we begin to make more and more sense of the data coming off the digital exhaust, we are able to compile it all together for the clearest snapshot of what’s actually happening out in the field. Putting the puzzle together piece by piece, Azuga will always be on the cutting edge, providing the tools you need to solve your fleet’s one port dilemma.

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