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Azuga's Enterprise Software Improves Driver Safety and Reduces Claims

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When it comes to fleet management, most fleets will prioritize their drivers’ safety for various reasons. Not only is driver safety important for the obvious reasons, like keeping people safe and maintaining a company’s positive reputation, but safety measures also help businesses save money and keep drivers happier at their jobs for longer, improving employee retention. Fleet managers do a lot to keep their drivers safer, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Azuga’s enterprise software helps fleets stay safe without managers having to put in much extra effort at all. Find out how Azuga’s software can keep drivers safe and lower enterprise fleet insurance rates simultaneously. 


Telematics is one of the most valuable tools when it comes to improving safety among fleets. Telematics is the technology involved when vehicles communicate directly with operational software systems. It has a variety of uses, including complying with government regulations, improving fuel efficiency, keeping vehicles maintained, and most importantly. in this case: improving driver safety and lowering insurance premiums. 

This technology can track driving behaviors such as hard braking, speeding, and rapid acceleration. In fact, at Azuga, we have found that fleets have seen significant improvements in their occurrences of these events after installing our software. Once implemented, Azuga’s software reduces 658 incidents of speeding per fleet on average, 73 incidents of hard braking, and 34 incidents of acceleration. This technology is vital for diminishing negative driver behaviors and keeping drivers on track towards good behaviors. We will go over how they improve good behaviors in the next section. 

Safety Scores

Safety scores are the best way that drivers can track their performance and improve quickly with targeted coaching and gamification that keeps them motivated and inspired. Azuga’s safety score system takes the information gathered from telematics and assigns each driver a safety score. Scores are based on the number of safety-related incidents they have over a given amount of time. The more unsafe incidents a driver has, the poorer their score will be. Azuga’s average client sees 26 drivers improve their safety scores while using the software. 

Driver rewards help motivate drivers to improve their safety scores. The better their safety score, the more eligible they are to earn gift cards through Azuga’s rewards program. It adds a fun element of competition and improves morale among the team. Read more about Azuga’s rewards program and how it can benefit your team. 

Lower Insurance Premiums

Implementing all of these safety features is a sure-fire way to keep your fleet safe, but did you know they can also save your fleet money? Many insurance providers offer insurance discounts to fleets who take extra steps to reduce claims, as it lessens the potential burden on them. Azuga’s fleets have 57% fewer citations than the average fleet and 30% fewer accidents, significantly lowering claims. Lower insurance premiums mean more money that your fleet can spend on the things it needs, making your business better and more efficient. 

Make the Switch to Azuga Today!

Azuga offers a variety of benefits. Not only do we improve your fleet’s safety, but we also improve its operational efficiency and productivity. There’s no end to the benefits we can provide, but you don’t have to take our word. Try out a demo and see for yourself what our software can do. You’re sure to be impressed.