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How Azuga’s Fleet Management ROI Calculator Can Identify New Ways to Save

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When you’re searching for fleet management technology, you need something to make your fleet more efficient and more productive and help your fleet save money. You can read all of a website’s pages and blogs and listen to a salesman’s pitches, but when it comes down to it, the thing that matters most is numbers. How much can you save? Your potential return on investment is the answer you want most. That’s why Azuga provides a handy fleet management ROI calculator tailored precisely to your fleet’s specific needs. Find out how it works and how it benefits your fleet here. 

How to Use Azuga’s ROI Calculator

Azuga’s ROI calculator is easy and quick to use. It’s a simple two-step process. First, you simply enter information about your fleet. The three questions you need to answer are: 

  • How many vehicles are in your fleet?
  • On average, how many miles a day is a vehicle driven? 
  • On average, how many hours a day is a vehicle driven? 

Then, you enter basic information about your business. There are only two questions that are easy to answer: 

  • What is your average hourly billing rate?
  • On average, how many billable hours a day is a vehicle driven? 

What Does the Average Fleet Save?

In the first month, the average fleet saves nearly $400 total. That’s a whopping savings off your total monthly budget, particularly for small businesses. How does this number break down? 

  • You can save $91.55 on improved safety by promoting good driving behavior. Azuga helps you reduce accident risk in your fleet by 75%. 
  • Save $150.00 on insurance premiums. When your fleet is safer, insurance providers are likely to provide discounts of up to 15%.
  • Reduce fuel expenses by 15%, equalling $88.28, by cutting down on speeding, idling, and unauthorized vehicle use.
  • Use predictive maintenance information to reduce breakdowns by 43%, saving $64.05 on maintenance.  

It’s easy to see how, over time, you will quickly see a massive return on investment. The average fleet that invests $2,278.80 in Azug will save $4,726.64 in one year. That is a total return on investment of 107.42%. 

Benefits of Azuga’s ROI Calculator

Not all ROI calculators are created equal. Azuga has gone to great lengths to ensure that our calculator is accurate and specific to your fleet. 

We break down where our math comes from, so you can determine for yourself whether our calculations match your experience. Our ROI calculations are completely transparent, ensuring that you understand how we calculate your savings and where your benefits are coming from. 

Many ROI calculators do not include the cost you will need to invest to obtain the profit they promise. Investment is an essential factor in calculating your return on investment. That’s why we include an estimated investment required to get the results that we estimate. 

When we partner with you, our goal is to work together to obtain the results you seek by giving you all the information you need to succeed. 

Use Azuga’s ROI Calculator Today

If you’re ready to calculate your savings, it’s easy to do the calculation right now! Visit our ROI calculator to see the savings that you can accomplish!