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How Azuga Can Help You Prevent Distracted Driving

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April is distracted driving awareness month. We’ve often discussed distracted driving on this blog; it’s essential to be aware of the issue to promote safety in your fleet business. Distracted driving was involved in 8.1% of fatal accidents and caused 20% of injuries in accidents, according to the latest data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. So what can you do to start keeping your fleet safe this month? Luckily, Azuga is here to help. 

Azuga’s AI Safety Cam

You’ve seen dash cams that record the road ahead of you. You may have even seen those that record inside the cab. But have you seen dash cams powered by artificial intelligence? These dash cams go far beyond what cameras from the past could accomplish. With the power of AI, Azuga’s Safety Cam tracks your drivers’ behavior. This includes signs of distracted driving. Examples include: 

  • Eating and Drinking
  • Using a Phone
  • Smoking
  • Yawning / Fatigue
  • Not Focused

When it detects these behaviors, it will alert the driver first, so they can self-correct. If the behavior continues, you will receive an alert in real time so you can take control of the situation before an accident occurs. 

Azuga DriveSafe

Cell phone use is one of the most significant sources of distraction. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration also found that drivers are distracted by their phones 10% of the time while driving. You don’t want this to be true for your fleet drivers. But of course, you can’t be in the passenger seat. Our SafetyCam will help, but you can remove the temptation with Azuga DriveSafe. 

This app blocks unauthorized cell phone use while vehicles are in motion. Your fleet can use it to monitor and block distractions like calls, text messages, and apps. If your drivers are breaking your cell phone use policies, you’ll receive detailed reports that tell you exactly what’s happening. The app is fully customizable to meet your fleet’s needs, allowing you to set custom rules for each driver, phone number, and app. 

Azuga Rewards

If you want safe behavior in your fleet, you must promote it daily and from every direction. This creates a safety culture for your business. One of the best ways to accomplish this is by introducing Azuga Rewards to your drivers. This system uses Azuga’s state-of-the-art tracking technology to track your drivers’ behavior. Then, it assigns each driver a safety score, ranks each driver based on their behavior, and pulls out the best of the bunch to be rewarded. You allocate the award amount in the form of a gift card emailed to the recipient. 

This creates a fun atmosphere of competition amongst your drivers. They’ll easily be able to track their improvement and want to aim for that top prize. 

Eliminate Distracted Driving Today

When it comes to keeping your fleet safe, Azuga is here to help. See how we can help you accomplish your fleet’s safety goals. Schedule a demo with one of our experts today to test all these features for yourself.