Azuga partners with Nationwide to provide sustaining operational benefits to Fleets

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Human services organizations have unique customer and business needs, and ensuring the safety of clients and the drivers tasked with transporting them is critical. For many of these businesses, keeping a close eye on fleet vehicles and driver performance can boost business performance and reduce costly interruptions, but there are often barriers to managing these responsibilities efficiently. For example, the technology needed to track vehicles and driver safety in real time can often require significant investment and multiyear contracts, putting these tools out of reach for budget-strapped organizations.

Today Azuga announced that it is partnering with Nationwide through the Vantage 360 Premium Partner Program to offer comprehensive fleet management and GPS tracking for qualifying human service organizations.

Azuga has joined Nationwide’s Vantage 360 Premium Partner Program to offer customers advanced telematics systems with fleet management and GPS tracking capabilities. Azuga’s safety-driven telematics solution uniquely impacts fleet efficiency and driving behavior improvements. Through the company’s work with insurance companies, Azuga has proven the value of telematics by reducing frequency and severity of accidents by as much as 50%.

“Azuga has been focused on supporting our large human services base of customers for many years now,” said Tom Erdman, president of Azuga. “We have a deep understanding of the unique needs of these special organizations and have built out a specific set of supporting tools and features to deliver high impact results towards their driver safety and business operation metrics. We look forward to leveraging our experience to help Nationwide’s human services customers achieve their safety and efficiency objectives in this exciting new program.”

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With the partnership program, human service organizations can:

  • Track fleet vehicles in real time
  • Find the closest driver to respond to client needs
  • Monitor vehicle health and receive immediate notifications of engine or battery issues
  • Measure mileage and vehicle utilization
  • Monitor driver performance, including hard braking, speeding or rapid acceleration
  • Verify arrival and departure from client sites

“At a time when many carriers are limiting insurance coverage, limits and services for human services businesses, Nationwide is elevating its solutions by making it easy to prioritize driver and client safety with telematics,” said Cheryl Tamasitis, associate vice president of Human Services at Nationwide. “We want to give business owners and fleet managers peace of mind with a solution to ensure the safe and efficient use of their vehicles so they can continue to focus on serving those in need.”

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