Key Features Of Azuga’s Fleet Tracking Software

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Any GPS tracking software you might select for your fleet will help you know where your vehicles are. But Azuga believes fleet tracking software should offer much more. Our services can be used as a comprehensive fleet management solution with features that improve safety, maintenance processes, and every other aspect of your commercial fleet.

Azuga’s GPS monitoring system gets to work the moment any of your vehicles is started up and continues to monitor until the vehicle is turned off. The fleet manager is then presented with actionable reports, engine diagnostic information, and plenty of safety data. We give you all the information you need to optimize your fleet in a variety of ways.

Fleet Management Features


When you first start out with fleet tracking and telematics, it can feel a bit overwhelming. There are a few metrics that all fleet managers, no matter the industry, should carefully monitor in order to keep things running smoothly.

In an effort to streamline things, we’ve highlighted these important metrics at the top of your dashboard. You’ll see simple stats on drive time, distance covered, idling, speeding, driver scores, and more at a glance. Need more details? They’re ready and waiting, just a click away. But the benefits don’t stop there.


Azuga GPS fleet tracking helps you reduce or entirely eliminate all of those check-in calls to your drivers. You can see where they are and what they’re doing at a glance, and you can change up their stops or adjust their routing without the need to pick up a phone. This means fewer distracting calls for drivers on the road and less time wasted from your day.

We also help with HOS compliance. Since all commercial fleets are now required to track their hours of service digitally, ELDs are a must. Azuga’s ELD features are easy to use and fully compliant with the ELD Mandate. This means more accurate HOS reporting and fewer problems at checkpoints. Our route planning interface even takes HOS into account, assuring fleet managers that you won’t risk violations.

Optimizing Routes

Speaking of route planning, optimized navigation from telematics can make a huge difference in your fleet’s productivity. Our route optimization features adjust on the fly, taking into account road conditions and even severe weather threats. When your drivers can be assured they’re always on the fastest route, they can handle more stops in a day. Customer service is also improved with accurate ETAs and quicker arrivals.

Telematics navigation also helps to reduce fuel spending. When drivers don’t spend time idling in traffic, and they can take the most efficient route to each stop, they’ll burn less fuel. You’ll also be able to drop in a last-minute stop in the middle of the day and be sure it’s going to be handled by the closest possible truck. Our software will reassign anything that needs to be shuffled automatically.

Fuel Consumption

Of course, we offer more fuel benefits than this. Since fuel costs are one of the largest budget items for most fleets, our software has plenty of fill-up related benefits.

The first step in managing fuel consumption is the ability to accurately track its use. Without this type of data, you simply won’t know where problem areas lie and won’t be able to adjust accordingly. We’ll give you insight into how often your fleet vehicles are being refueled, where drivers stop for a fill-up, and the fuel-efficiency of each vehicle in your fleet. When one vehicle’s consumption rates begin to spike, you’ll know there’s a problem and can solve it quickly.

Fleet Technology

To effectively manage your fleet and optimize operations across your business, you need a complete and accurate picture of what’s happening on the road and off. Azuga offers so much more than basic fleet management features.

Driver Safety

Unlike many fleet trackers, one of our biggest focal points is safety. We believe that safety on the road is every fleet manager’s responsibility. Developing a culture of safety within your fleet is not only a worthwhile goal, but it’s also easy to accomplish with the right tools.

Improving fleet safety can have positive impacts on almost every aspect of fleet management. You’ll see higher CSA scores, better inspections, lower insurance premiums, improved customer service, and even higher driver retention.

Simple Time Cards

Azuga FleetMobile offers a simple and pragmatic approach to employee time cards. While hours of service are reported through our ELD program, your employees may often be on the clock when they’re off the road. Rather than employing separate payroll software for employees to clock in and out, you can do it all in the same place. As a fleet manager, you can track time cards in real-time, and drivers can submit their hours right from their phones.

Fleet Alerts

As a fleet manager, you have a lot on your plate. It’s impossible to monitor every aspect of your fleet operations at the same time. But it’s also vital to know what’s happening in your fleet should a problem arise.

With our fleet alerts, you can be notified in real-time of any number of issues. You’ll know instantly when a driver is exhibiting risky behavior like speeding or hard braking. We’ll alert you when an accident occurs and when your drivers are approaching their HOS limits. You’ll be on top of scheduled maintenance and engine diagnostic codes. And you can even be alerted when large equipment leaves a geofenced area, making it easy to stop unauthorized use or theft.

Driver Scores

Our Driver Safety Scores and Safe Driver Rewards programs make it easy to see which drivers are performing well and which could use some additional encouragement toward safe behaviors. Top performers can even earn gift cards to their favorite retailers and restaurants.

Driving scores for each driver and rewards for the safest in the fleet mean you’ll have a bit of healthy competition surrounding safe driving practices. This means more buy-in from your drivers and better compliance with safety practices.

What about those drivers whose habits are out of sync with your safety program? Azuga Coach offers a customized training program with videos to address each aspect of safe driving and playlists customized to each driver’s personal habits and needs.

Idling Reports

Excessive idling causes all sorts of problems for your fleet including added vehicle wear and tear and wasted fuel. An idling diesel truck will go through about a gallon of fuel each hour, leading to increased fuel costs and lower fuel efficiency. Yet there’s no way of fixing this problem unless you know when and where it’s occurring. Our idling reports will let you know which drivers are guilty of excessive idling and in what conditions. This means you can address the situation and save money on fuel costs.

Asset Management

Many fleets have plenty of large equipment outside of their cars, trucks, and vans. If you manage storage containers, generators, roadside signage, skips, or construction equipment, you’ll need a way to keep track of them.

In most systems, this involves barcodes and scanners. The problem with this method is that human error can cause major problems. If someone forgets to scan a piece of equipment and moves it from one location to another, you may have trouble tracking it down. A barcode scanner system also can’t alert you to theft or unauthorized use.

Azuga’s GPS-based asset tracking system allows you to see, at a glance, exactly where each piece of equipment is at any given time. And with geofencing, you’ll know the moment an asset leaves its designated location, even if that occurs in the middle of the night (as in the case of many thefts).

We offer long-life or rechargeable GPS trackers that can easily be installed on both powered and non-powered assets. This means you’ll never have to wonder where your fleet equipment is stored or whether it’s in use at a job site.


Distracted driving is one of the major causes of accidents on our roads today. Azuga’s DriveSafe program allows you to monitor and block the use of cell phones while a vehicle is in motion. This helps keep your drivers focused on the road, not a screen.

Of course, there are some instances where you want drivers to have access to their phones. The system is designed to allow them to make a call in the case of an emergency, with a list of allowed numbers and access to dial 911 at any time. You can also allow hands-free calling and inbound calls from approved numbers only.


Speeding is another major factor in accidents across the nation’s roads. It’s estimated to play a part in 30% of truck fatalities and is a good indicator of other types of risky driving habits. Our SpeedSafe program has been proven to reduce speeding in fleets by as much as 40% over a six month period.

With this program, fleet managers can keep an eye on driver speeds in residential areas, school zones, bad weather conditions, and standard highway driving. Our reports will give you the analytical tools you need to identify patterns in speeding address this dangerous habit.


Our FuelSaver addon integrates with your favorite fuel cards, keeping all of your fuel data in one place. When drivers need to stop for a routine fill-up, we can route them to the nearest station with good fuel prices along their route, taking into account which stations are in-network and which aren’t.

You’ll also get data on all sorts of fuel-related metrics. The system tracks increases and decreases in fuel levels that exceed 30%, alerting you to fuel theft. You’ll be able to see which drivers filled their tanks and where. You can even compare the amount of fuel purchased versus the amount of fuel actually used.


Our FleetMobile app keeps you informed on the go with the ability to engage with many of our amazing features from your phone or tablet device. We believe in offering so much more than a simple truck tracking app. Our key features include:

  • Driver Rewards — gamify your safety program and reward your fleet’s top drivers.
  • Occupant Recognition — know who is behind the wheel in each vehicle.
  • Messaging — communicate with your drivers while they’re on the road.
  • TimeCards — record shifts and breaks for payroll purposes.
  • Other helpful utilities like a “Where did I Park” feature.

If you’re in the market for a new fleet technology solution, why not choose one that goes above and beyond simple GPS tracking? Contact Azuga today to learn more about the key features that can benefit your fleet business.