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Azuga Customer Success: How We Help You Reach Your Goals

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When running your fleet business, you want to ensure that you are getting the best of the best. At Azuga, we want to provide that. When we partner with your fleet, we aim to help you succeed. We offer a variety of features that make fleet management a breeze for your fleet. You don’t have to take our word for it, either. Our customers are widely satisfied with our features and offerings. This article will talk about some of our happy customers and how we have helped them. 

Bug-N-A-Rug Exterminators

“We saved more than 50% by switching to Azuga. We found a solution that meets our needs of a busy pest control company, while not hurting our bottom line. Very affordable for a great set of features we need, but they are also quick in helping with account questions and making billing simple. The solution helps us keep track of our drivers in real-time while integrating with our other software.” - Stuart Flynn, General Manager

Stuart Flynn was locked into a contract with Verizon and AT&T before finding Azuga, but he was looking to streamline and cut costs. The main issue was that they had contracts piling up and various contract end dates as they added more vehicles. Furthermore, they were looking for better real-time tracking. Luckily, Azuga was able to help them. Azuga’s affordable prices and coterminous contacts offered the solution that Bug-N-A-Rug was seeking. 

Bug-N-A-Rug’s main goal was to cut costs, and with Azuga, they saved over 50% on their previous monthly payments. They no longer have to deal with additional costs or hidden fees because their new vehicles are added to the contract they already have. 

Family Service Foundation

“With Azuga, we completely reversed our situation. Now we not only talk about safe driving but also document it. That has made a difference and resulted in improved safety of our clients and lower insurance costs for us. We like to consider it as a win-win situation.” - Gordon Raley, CEO, Family Service Foundation

The Family Service Foundation’s main goal was to monitor its drivers in real-time to ensure the safety of its drivers and their clients. So they used Azuga’s breadcrumb view to track their drivers in real-time. This became useful when one of their drivers had an accident. They could use this breadcrumb view to prove that it wasn’t the driver’s fault, saving them time and money on insurance claims. They also use Azuga SpeedSafe to track their drivers’ speeding. 

As a result of using Azuga, their drivers’ scores have improved dramatically. They have created a safety culture among their drivers and made safety a part of their daily routine. In doing so, they have obtained lower insurance premiums. 


"GPS vehicle tracking technology has been around for a long time. Every time we looked at it we were faced with expensive hardware and software costs, inaccurate data on idling and fuel consumption, painful installation scheduling, and lengthy contracts. Azuga made it a no-brainer. At just 70 cents per vehicle per day, Azuga helps save money from day one." - Stephen James, Operations Manager

EarthTech had a variety of challenges when it came to GPS tracking. They wanted to track their assets moment by moment to accomplish several goals. First, they needed to eliminate unnecessary crew overtime. They also wanted to monitor driver behavior related to safety, such as speeding and hard braking. This would reduce the probability of accidents and improve fuel costs. Also, they wanted to monitor “proof-of-service” in real-time. 

Therefore, they used Azuga’s OBD-II GPS technology. This technology helped them see all of the information they needed. It read the vehicle’s engine data and captured all of its activity, so they knew what their drivers were doing. And the data was accurate, so they knew the real story about what was happening on the road. 

As a result, EarthTech cut down unnecessary overtime immediately. Now, overtime is down by 2 hours per week per crew member. Their crews are more productive and are spending more time on site. Even better, they have reduced their fuel usage, so they are making more money and saving it as well! 

Become a Happy Customer!

If you’re looking to solve the frustrations faced by your fleet, Azuga is what you need. Our solutions will help you meet even the most demanding of challenges, and our expertise in the industry ensures that you will find success just like these companies. Try a demo today to see what we can do for you.