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5 Ways to Improve Your Asset Tracking Strategy in 2022

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Managing equipment is never easy; the more vehicles and assets you have, the harder it becomes. However, with the right tools and processes on your side, you’ll have a much easier time doing what you need to do to get where you need to be. Solid knowledge of your assets will help you increase employee satisfaction, improve the availability of your equipment, allow more room in the budget when maintenance needs arise, enhance your ROI, and improve your productivity and profits. Let’s review how you can improve your asset tracking strategy with the best asset tracking solutions. 

No. 1: Ensure Employee Satisfaction

Your employees are the lifeblood of your business, and they spend the most time with your assets. With the trucking shortage going on right now, your employees are more important than ever. If your employees are satisfied with their jobs and care about your company, they are more likely to pay close attention during inspections. They can then look for issues with assets and alert you immediately, so you can address them early. Furthermore, they will treat these assets with the utmost care and respect, so you have them around for the long haul. You can ensure employee satisfaction by: 

  • Maintaining proper staffing
  • Improving benefits, tools, and education
  • Being ready to increase the parts and repair budget

No. 2: Focus on Driver Safety

Driver safety is critical to ensure not only the safety of your drivers but the safety of everyone on the road and the reputation of your business. It is also essential in extending the life of your assets. You must continually train your drivers on best safety practices with real-time coaching sessions and safety reviews. As a result, you may see insurance premiums decrease, you can eliminate a lot of equipment downtime, and you’ll enjoy a boost in employee morale. Fleet tracking can help you pinpoint any safety issues you need to address so that your training is focused and specific. 

No. 3: Take an Asset Inventory

If you haven’t taken an asset inventory in awhile, now is the time to do so. You need to be aware of every vehicle and piece of equipment that you own. During an asset inventory, you’ll analyze all of these assets to establish a baseline before you instill technology to help you track more efficiently from here on out. You’ll need the following data points: 

  • Equipment in-service date
  • Maintenance Logs
  • Compliance Records
  • Fuel Economy
  • Comparative Analysis

After completing this inventory, find an asset tracking solution to help you better manage the assets you have on hand, so you no longer need to manually track everything. 

No. 4: Focus on Predictive Maintenance

When you’ve completed this inventory, you will know the state of your assets and can determine any issues that your vehicles or assets may have. This will allow you to get ahead of these problems before they become more expensive or time-consuming. Your technicians will do their daily inspections and monitor daily data to ensure your assets are in their best working order, and you will track this data over time to look for patterns and concerns that may need to be addressed. This will ensure the optimal operation of your fleet. 

No. 5: Utilize Fleet Telematics

Fleet telematics is an excellent tool for tracking your fleet’s needs. You can track all kinds of data points with telematics, including maintenance requirements and safety data. Now, telematics and fleet management software are more accessible than ever, regardless of your fleet’s size or industry. Use fleet telematics to track the status of your vehicles and assets and determine how they are doing and how they are being used. 

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