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The Role of AI in Fleet Management

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AI is an exciting technology that you’ve likely heard a lot about. It’s become an especially hot topic of conversation in recent months, as it’s experiencing quite a boom in development. You may be surprised to learn that AI is already impacting fleet management technology. AI-powered fleets are pulling ahead of the game, and you may already be using this technology without knowing it! Here are some examples of how businesses use AI in day-to-day fleet management. 

Analytics in Real-Time

AI can collect data and analyze it in real time. This data includes your vehicle’s location, status, and movement. You can use this data for various fleet purposes, from improving fuel efficiency to boosting safety. When your system detects an issue, it can send you an alert as it’s happening so you can address the problem right away. That means you can prevent accidents or misuse of vehicles before you lose time, money, or worse. 

Maintenance Alerts

With AI, you can more easily keep track of your vehicles’ maintenance needs. These algorithms track your vehicles’ use patterns and use real-time sensor data to identify even minor signs of wear and tear. This helps you identify problems before they become bigger and more expensive. 

The AI technology collects data from your vehicle’s OBD II system and recommends what actions you can take to correct them. This might include anything from replacing brake pads to changing your engine oil. Whatever you need to do, AI can help you get it done before your vehicles break down on the road and create a bigger problem than ever. 

Route Planning Software

Route planning software is becoming massively popular for fleet managers. The technology helps drivers get from Point A to Point B in the most efficient way possible, saving the most time and fuel. Route planning software factors in weather, traffic patterns, availability of vehicles, and even construction zones and other delays. 

With this powerful software, you can adjust routes whenever needed, and AI can handle it in minutes. AI will also automatically adjust routes if an unexpected delay comes up, like a road closure. If you spend tons of time manually planning routes, you can use your time more efficiently by investing in route planning software. 

Driver Behavior Monitoring

You always want to ensure your drivers are safe on the road, but you can’t be in the passenger seat with them. Luckily, AI can help with that too. AI-powered telematics devices can help you track unsafe driving behaviors like speeding, hard braking, harsh cornering, and distracted driving. You may see AI power in devices like dash cams and speed sensors. 

AI isn’t just for finding problems — it’s for helping you coach drivers to improve their behavior. By providing context to when, where, and how issues occur on the road, you can more easily pinpoint the cause of your driver’s bad habits and provide better training to eliminate the problem. 

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All of the technology we’ve listed here isn’t far off in the future. Azuga has it available now as part of our comprehensive fleet management solution. Our technology can help you achieve your fleet goals, no matter what they are. Try a demo of our software today and see what we can accomplish as a team.