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A Round of Applause for Azuga’s 10 Safest Fleet Drivers of Q3 2016

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Tom Erdman, President, Azuga

Announcing...Azuga's 10 Safest Fleet Drivers for Q3 2016

It’s that time again—time to recognize Azuga’s Safe Driving Awards top drivers of the quarter. As with every other quarter, we want to take a moment to congratulate the following 10 drivers and their companies for implementing the safest driving practices out of Azuga’s entire customer base:

  1. Alex Chase: Powers Generator Service LLC
  2. Andrew Nodari: Industrial Powersource
  3. (Driver name withheld) T P Howard’s Plumbing Co Inc.
  4. James Buse: Roland Machinery Company
  5. Ron Carr: Scientific Brake and Equipment
  6. Kelly Alderson: Revere Electric Supply
  7. Ralph Elliott: Custom Vehicle Outfitter LLC
  8. Joey Gladish: Kincaid Industries, Inc.
  9. Donald Hoffmeyer: Barton Mallow Company
  10. Scott Morris: Davis Electric Company

What this means and why it is important

The scoring and ranking for these awards is calculated by using a weighted average of components, captured by Azuga, including speeding, hard braking and idling events. For each component, the magnitude, duration, frequency and spatio-temporal index are factored to determine the conditions under which these events occurred.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), motor vehicle fatalities increased to an estimated 35,200 people this year, a 7.7% increase from 2014, which is why we at Azuga want to commend the commitment of both fleet managers and drivers in making the roads safer where our families work and play. But we don’t want to simply say it, so on top of receiving an excellent reputation as one of the safest drivers on the road, each Azuga award recipient will receive a cash reward and recognition for being top performers among Azuga’s global customer base.

The awards program is an extension of Azuga’s innovative approach to social telematics that combines driver visibility, gamification and instant rewards for workers. The program is proven to provide rich data insights on driver behavior and help reduce accident rates by up to 70 percent. But you don’t have to take my word for it, take a look at how it has helped California UMI save money and significantly reduce accidents in less than a year after implementation.

To learn more about how to empower your fleet to incorporate safe driving into your operations and culture, click here. When giving one of the drivers on the list a social media shout out, be sure to use #AzugaAwards.