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A Corporate Social Responsibility Program for the Next Generation

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Azuga Fleet was born in the cloud and has naturally been coined the “next generation GPS and fleet tracking technology” because of its disruptive rewards-driven, connected fleet and driver behavior solution.

We have focused our commitment on ensuring we have the most innovative and accurate technology in the industry, and have taken that commitment to excellence one step further with our Social Telematics program – an initiative combining driver visibility, gamification, employer-funded rewards, social sharing and Azuga-funded awards. This has enabled fleet leaders to migrate from a ‘gotcha’ culture to a ‘great job’ culture.

We want our customers and their employees to truly feel like part of the Azuga family – we not only take pride in helping to keep drivers and the communities where they live and work safe through our technology, but we also want to empower these companies to do the same.

That’s why Azuga has created the Choose Your Impact customer social responsibility program, an initiative that lets the customer decide which organization they would like to give back to. Choose your Impact began in 2012 and continues to seed funds into more than 25 charities around the country.

How it Works:
  1. Once a customer is ready to purchase their Azuga hardware, they are given the option to name a charity of their choice, or choose a charity we’ve donated to in the past.
  2. Azuga will then donate 20% percent of Azuga activation fees to that charity on the customer’s behalf.
  3. Charity receives funds from Azuga after the sale has been processed.

So far, Azuga has donated more than $5,000 to 28 charities like St. Jude’s, Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross on behalf of our customers. Azuga is always looking for new ways to engage with our customers’ communities. That’s why we recently made it possible for drivers to use the new Azuga Fleet Mobile smartphone app to donate a portion of their Driver Rewards winnings to Habitat for Humanity.

Have any other ideas on how Azuga can further its efforts to improve its customers’ communities? Let’s talk about it. Send us a tweet @AzugaGPS.