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5 Ways to Get Younger Drivers Interested in Trucking

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We’ve discussed the driver shortage in depth in this blog. One of the reasons for the deficit is that our current population of drivers is aging into retirement. Unfortunately, younger drivers aren’t coming in to replace them at the same rate. Of course, the new generation has different needs and interests than past generations, so they must be recruited differently. Let’s discuss some ways we can get young drivers interested in trucking. 

No. 1: Harness Social Media

The younger generations spend a lot of time on social media. If you’re unfamiliar with social media, it can be a difficult skill to learn. For example, if you've never made video content, you won’t want to start with Snapchat or TikTok. The most accessible social media platforms for beginners will almost always be Facebook and Instagram. 

But how can you use your social media? You can share job openings, testimonials from employees who currently work for you, and even candid moments from your workplace that give an idea of its culture. Social media is a place to connect with people by showing the humanity of your business, so be as open and genuine as possible. 

No. 2: Mobilize Your Application Process

Did you know that many younger people don’t even have a computer anymore? Many millennials and Gen Z use their smartphones for everything– and why not? It’s a computer you can hold in your hand! However, you may need to change  your online job applications. If your job application is challenging to navigate on a smartphone, potential young candidates may not bother. 

Try your application process out with your own smartphone. If you have trouble uploading a resume or have to input the same information multiple times, it's time to consider an update. 

No. 3: Advertise Work-Life Balance

The younger generations have made a massive shift towards prioritizing work-life balance. While older generations may assume that younger people are less likely to have a family and might not mind longer hours away, this is not the case. Millennials and Gen Z do have families or other interests outside of work and often consider these an equal priority. Make sure you show work-life balance as a priority to attract younger workers.

No. 4: Promote Benefits

Everyone cares about their base compensation. However, young people care greatly about their benefits as well. For example, if you’re hiring a candidate turning 26, they may be looking for their first insurance package. The costs of healthcare are rising each year, so this is a significant concern for young people right now. Although we may assume that the younger generation doesn’t worry because they are in good health, this is a dangerous assumption. Everyone deserves good benefits, and you should highlight your company’s benefits when recruiting. 

No. 5: Utilize the Best Technology

Young workers don’t want to work somewhere with outdated technology. A fleet with state-of-the-art technology like Azuga’s fleet management solution will likely pull ahead of the competition in recruiting. Our technology is accurate, speedy, and easy to use, all things young workers love to work with. Learn more about how our fleet management system works by trying a demo yourself today!