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5 Ways to Improve Visibility of Your Fleet With GPS Tracking

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GPS fleet tracking is one of the most indispensable tools in a fleet manager’s arsenal. It is a technology that has evolved significantly over the past couple of decades and now provides you with real-time insight into where your vehicles are. GPS tracking devices not only tell you the location of your vehicles; they can give you all kinds of information regarding your vehicles’ maintenance status, fuel levels, engine status, and more. There are many different ways to take advantage of fleet tracking that you may not have even thought of before. When you use fleet tracking to its full potential, you will see the benefits in no time. This article will discuss five ways to harness fleet tracking in all aspects of fleet management. 

No. 1: Track Job Status

Dispatching is a crucial part of a fleet manager’s job. It’s how operations keep running throughout the day. However, the more vehicles you have on your fleet, the more challenging dispatching becomes. This is where fleet tracking comes in. With fleet tracking, you can map out your entire fleet, which tells you who to dispatch, where to send them, and how many vehicles you have for the jobs you need to complete. 

Fleet management software from Azuga allows you to create schedules by reviewing routes and assigning drivers all from a single dashboard. It’s easier than ever to manage jobs during the day. Whenever you need to make changes, you can do so right from the dashboard. Your drivers get automatic updates, so you no longer need to scramble to get in touch with them and hope that they check their phones in time. You have all of the information you need on your drivers, their routes, and their jobs right at your fingertips, and the dispatching process is more streamlined than ever. 

No. 2: Minimize Fuel Use

Fuel is the most expensive cost that fleets face. And fleets are always looking for ways to cut costs. While fuel is necessary for any fleet business to continue operating, there are a couple of ways to reduce fuel costs using fleet tracking. We’ll go over two ways that you can do so here. 

The first way is through route optimization. Route optimization is a tool that harnesses the power of machine learning and algorithms to find the most fuel-efficient path that includes all of your drivers’ destinations throughout the day. It makes your fleet more efficient in a variety of ways. Of course, it cuts down on time spent driving around, but it also cuts down on how much fuel your fleet uses. 

Another way that fleet tracking helps minimize fuel use is by tracking driver behavior. It can detect behaviors like idling, speeding, and rapid acceleration. These behaviors waste a significant amount of your fleet’s fuel, so you want to avoid them whenever possible. Fleet tracking software can alert you whenever these actions occur, so you can intervene before they occur again. It’s amazing how much fuel you can save when you combine these two fleet tracking features!

No. 3: Catch Maintenance Problems

When your vehicles break down, it puts a massive dent in your fleet’s productivity and costs your fleet significant amounts in downtime and vehicle repairs. Mechanical failures can also put your drivers in danger, and of course, you never want to see that happen. The only way to avoid breakdowns is to engage in preventative maintenance, and fleet tracking can help you accomplish this. Fleet tracking alerts you as soon as your vehicles have issues that require attention. Telematics tracks your vehicles’ health and will tell you about problems with your vehicles’ tires, engine, or anything in between. This information helps you get your vehicle repaired before the issue causes a breakdown. It is necessary to combine fleet tracking with regular maintenance checks to conduct proper preventative maintenance. 

No. 4: Prevent Theft

Fleet vehicle theft is one of the worst things that can happen to a business. It may seem like you’re trying everything to combat the issue, and thieves are still striking you. Luckily, fleet tracking can help. With fleet tracking, you can set up a geofence, a virtual perimeter around a specific location. When your vehicle exits this area, you’ll receive a notification alerting you. This way, when a thief takes your vehicle, you’ll know right away so you can alert the authorities and let them know exactly where to find it. This significantly increases the chances that you’ll be able to get your vehicle back. 

No. 5: Obtain Real Data 

You can obtain a plethora of data from fleet tracking. Fleet management software allows you to generate all kinds of reports providing information on vehicle health, driver behavior, asset usage, fuel usage, and more. When it comes time to make decisions for your fleet, you want to make sure you have accurate data in your hands to ensure that you are informed and confident to ensure your fleet is as successful and efficient as it can be. These insightful reports help you make the right decisions every time. 

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