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Top 5 Reasons Fleet Managers Prefer Azuga Enterprise Fleet Management Software

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Azuga is one of the top providers of fleet management software. Our enterprise fleet management program offers more benefits than any other software on the market, and our customers enjoy its many features. Fleets in all industries and sizes use our software for their fleet management needs, and there are many reasons we’re the right software for you as well.  This article will outline five reasons fleet managers prefer Azuga’s enterprise fleet management software over their competitors. 

1. Easy to Use

Switching to a new fleet management software should not be a significant interruption to your business’s operations. It should be easy to use, and you should have the support you need along the way to make learning even easier. If switching to your new software is too challenging, the transition will cause too much interruption. 

Rusty Robertson of Southern Tire Mart, the number one commercial tire retailer in North America with over 2,000 vehicles, appreciated Azuga’s ease of use when making the switch. He rolled Azuga out in phases and worked closely with Azuga’s support team to reach his goal of switching to the software with minimal interruption to his fleet. He boasts Azuga’s simplicity: “What drew us to Azuga was it’s really easy to use. It’s not overly complicated to navigate what you need to do.” His company has grown since implementing Azuga, and they have used the software for over four years. 

2. Keeps Drivers Safe

Many Azuga customers use the software for its safety features. Keeping drivers safe is a top priority for any fleet company, and using Azuga is the way to create a safety culture among your business. Numotion, a leading provider of Complex Rehab Technology (CRT) in the US, has over 866 vehicles. They needed a way to gather data to make decisions about safety and driver behavior and obtain driver scoring evaluations regarding driving behaviors. 

Azuga’s real-time fleet data has provided Numotion with the information that they need. They get real-time alerts when their drivers engage in unsafe habits, and they now can analyze driving data and promote better driving habits. They have implemented random evaluations of their drivers using score cards based on the data obtained and have found that their drivers’ scores have increased steadily over time. Chris McKeeman, the company’s vice president, says, “Azuga has been everything and more than expected, creating a highly engaged workforce, empowering each employee to modify his/her driving behavior in real-time.” 

3. The Best Fleet Tracking on the Market

Fleet tracking is probably the most popular feature in any fleet management software. Modern fleets can’t compete without fleet tracking at their disposal. It’s instrumental to have real-time fleet tracking to keep track of your drivers and assets at any time throughout the day. Smith and Solomon is a company that has been around since the 1950s and is no newcomer to fleet operations. However, they struggled to manage their new and inexperienced drivers, managing interstate mileage for tax purposes, and maintaining equipment. Fleet tracking helped with all of these problems. Chris Barbayanni, the company’s fleet director, praised Azuga: "We’ve tried a lot of fleet tracking solutions and none of them could beat Azuga at its combination of amazing price, easy reporting features, and reliability. We’re still learning new applications for all that Azuga can do. It has everything we were looking for and is the best bang for our buck."

4. Affordable Contracts

Many fleet management solutions will lock you into long-term, expensive contracts that aren’t the best for your business’s bottom line. You need a fleet management solution that will work with your company’s needs while offering the same or better features as those competitors. Many fleets find that Azuga is the affordable option that meets their needs. 

Bug-N-A Rug Exterminators were one of these fleets. Stuart Flynn, the general manager, says: “We saved more than 50% by switching to Azuga. We found a solution that meets our needs of a busy pest control company, while not hurting our bottom line. Very affordable for a great set of features we need, but they are also quick in helping with account questions and making billing simple.” Bug-N-A Rug was locked into a long-term contract with Verizon and MyFleet from AT&T before they found Azuga and now have an affordable solution that meets all of their needs. 

5. Maintenance Alerts

Maintaining dozens of vehicles is one of the most challenging parts of managing a fleet, but Azuga’s fleet management software makes it easier than ever! Maintenance reminders let you know when vehicles have issues or when it’s just time for routine maintenance. Either way, your vehicles stay in tip-top shape. 

Mayesh Wholesale Florist has been around since 1938, and they struggled with the mechanical needs of their vehicles. However, they found with Azuga’s scheduled maintenance alerts, they were better able to keep up with the maintenance needs of their 61 vehicles: “I like the Azuga service reminders because our vehicles do so much delivery that we tend to forget about services. With the email reminders, it’s been fantastic. It’s a no-brainer.” Juan Martinez, the fleet manager of Mayesh Wholesale Florist, appreciates the maintenance reminders and has dramatically improved his vehicles’ maintenance routines.