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Top 5 Free GPS Tracking Apps for Android

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GPS tracking is essential for every fleet. Free GPS tracking apps may be your only option if your fleet is small or on a tight budget. This doesn’t mean all hope is lost–even free GPS tracking apps can be immensely useful. This article will explore five different GPS options that are completely free for Android devices. 

No. 1: Detrack

This app is only free for one driver, but it does include real-time monitoring. The main advantage of Detrack is that it can capture proof of delivery. This option also does not require any hardware, making it very easy to get started. However, your drivers will have to install the mobile app on their phones, which is only guaranteed to be accurate within 50 meters. 

No. 2: Hubstaff

This app is available for both iOS and Android. This app provides GPS tracking along with automated time cards, giving a clear picture of what is happening with your team. The feature-limited free version only applies to one user, but they also offer free trials of their paid plans. The advantages of Hubstaff are the timesheets and the detailed list of software integrations. However, fleet management is not the primary purpose of Hubstaff– it is more for time tracking. 

No. 3: MyCarTracks

MyCarTracks has a free version that works for up to two vehicles. The main advantage of this app is that it continues monitoring even if your phone loses data coverage. It syncs the information when you get an internet connection again. MyCarTracks also includes complete location history and customized integrations with their business plans. However, the free version only includes two weeks of location history. 

No. 4: Corvus GPS

Corvus GPS is only available for Android. However, it is one of the cheapest fleet management solutions available. Corvus helps you track everything in your fleet, including vehicles, assets, and people. While Corvus GPS does come with a free trial, you should know that its pricing structure is different than average. Corvus charges you $0.50 per day per device that you use. This means that you’re only charged for the days that you operate. 

No. 5: Tracksolid

Tracksolid is another Android-only app that offers a feature-limited option for free users. It monitors alerts, device management, and multiple reports. It can help you get started with fleet management for free. A pro version is available if you wish to upgrade later down the line. 

Azuga GPS Tracking

Free apps are great for starting your business, but eventually, you will need more features that free apps simply can’t offer. That’s where Azuga comes in. Our full-featured fleet management solution is priced with your business in mind. We have multiple tiers at different price ranges depending on what you need from your fleet management app. Speak with one of our experts and try a demo of our software whenever you’re ready to upgrade.