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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Fleet Management Solution

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If your fleet management company has been operating without a fleet management solution so far, we commend you for your hard work. But you’re working much harder than you need to be! You’ve likely found yourself very strained and spending more time and money than you need to on tasks that can be automated and simple. If you’re considering fleet management software, you’ve taken the first step toward improving your fleet operations forever. Let’s discuss why fleet management software is the best bet for any fleet management company. 

No. 1: Save Money on Fuel

Fleet businesses know better than anyone that fuel costs are any fleet’s highest budget line. These costs can make up to 40% of a fleet’s budget. Of course, you need fuel to operate your business, so the name of the game is to reduce these costs wherever possible. How can fleet management software help you accomplish this? 

A significant role that this software plays is in streamlining your dispatching process. Route optimization software is a tool that is integral in saving on fuel costs. This tool uses algorithms and machine learning to help you find the best, most fuel-efficient path from Point A to Point B. This means no sitting in traffic, navigating around construction sites, or wasting time in other similar delays. The goal is to curb idling, which is a massive fuel waster. 

Tracking driver behavior with fleet management software can also help you save money on fuel. The behavior you have to look out for is speeding. The wind resistance created when your drivers speed leads to wasted fuel. Telematics tells your software when speeding occurs, and the software can generate reports that make bad habits clear. With this information, it’s easy to reduce your fuel costs significantly. 

No. 2: Improve Driver Safety

Any fleet’s top priority is driver safety. As mentioned, fleet management software can help track dangerous behaviors like speeding and harsh braking. You can use this data to promote safety among your fleet drivers and create a safety culture. 

However, you can keep tabs on safety behaviors like seatbelt usage, acceleration, and hard cornering. The software can generate reports detailing exactly how often this is happening, with what vehicles and drivers, and even where it is happening in case you spot a problem. This allows you to provide targeted coaching for your drivers, which is more effective than generalized training. 

No. 3: Save on Insurance

When insurance providers determine your premiums, they consider how much risk your fleet presents. Vehicle accidents are expensive; look at this breakdown of accident costs and see for yourself: 

Average cost without injuries: $16,500

Average cost with injuries: $74,000

Average cost with fatalities: *$500,000

Insurance providers don’t want to cover you if your drivers behave recklessly or aggressively. Simply installing fleet management software is enough to prove to many providers that your fleet is making an effort to prioritize safety. If not, you can gather reports over any period of time and show your drivers’ excellent behavior on the road. With this data in hand, insurers will often offer insurance discounts. 

No. 4: Regulatory Compliance

You’re likely familiar with the Department of Transportation’s regulations, particularly regarding ELDs. These devices are now required in all vehicles to keep drivers safe by recording their hours. ELDs and fleet management software automate the hour logging process, eliminating any chance for error. They also ensure that you always have your records on hand when the DOT does an audit. 

No. 5: Prevents Theft

Vehicle theft is one of the most significant and costly problems fleets face. However, with fleet tracking, your business can establish a virtual perimeter called a geofence. You can use these geofences however you choose with an “if this, then that” guideline. For example, if your vehicles venture outside the perimeter, you can receive an alert to your mobile device that tells you where it is. When a thief strikes, you will know immediately and be able to alert the authorities. 

Get the Best Fleet Management Solution for You!

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