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4 Ways to Score Big with Route Optimization Software

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Route optimization software is one of the most valuable tools at a fleet’s disposal. It improves a fleet’s efficiency and safety while saving money. Without route optimization software, your fleet might fall behind your competitors. This software uses algorithms, machine learning, and satellite data to create the fastest, most efficient route that includes all of your drivers’ destinations. This software updates in real-time to incorporate incoming jobs, changing traffic patterns, and anything else that may come up. It should connect with your fleet management software to create a comprehensive solution to your fleet’s needs. Route optimization software has various benefits for any fleet, and we will go over four of those in this article. 

No. 1: Reduce Delivery and Service Times

People mainly use route optimization software because it significantly reduces the time it takes to complete everyday routes. The software finds the quickest way to any destination, avoiding traffic, congestion, and even construction delays. When your drivers are hindered by sudden problems on the road or by sitting in traffic jams, it wastes time and money that your fleet simply doesn’t have. That’s why route optimization software is an immense bonus for any fleet. 

Because the software updates in real-time, your drivers know right away whenever jobs are added, canceled, or changed. They don’t have to wait until they’re off the road to check a voicemail or text. This eliminates the chances that your drivers will waste time driving to a destination no longer needed or miss a job they need to add to their list. Real-time updating helps your business take on more customers throughout the day. 

Finally, route optimization software simply helps your drivers know where they are. It gives step-by-step directions that prevent them from making a wrong turn or missing an exit. Getting lost and hunting for a destination wastes time and can be highly unsafe. Route optimization software helps your fleet avoid this problem entirely. 

No. 2: Streamline Dispatch

When there are a lot of vehicles in your fleet, dispatching can become a significant challenge. However, route optimization is a tool that can make this process easier because it does everything automatically. For example, whenever you load a job into your fleet management system, it is automatically organized into your drivers’ routes for the day in the most efficient way possible. The software also ensures that you are using your fleet’s vehicles most effectively in that you have the right amount of drivers for the jobs you are doing. 

Communication is another challenge of dispatching made easier by route optimization software. Managers no longer need to call or text drivers to update them when their routes change. The software will automatically update drivers on their phones. Furthermore, drivers don’t need to contact customers to let them know when they’re nearby because the system will notify the customer for them. Drivers shouldn’t have to worry about their phones while on the road, so the software makes things much safer. 

No. 3: Improved Customer Service

Without good customer service, your business won’t get very far. Route optimization can help your fleet build a positive reputation and improve customer service. The most obvious way it does this is by ensuring that your drivers are always on time. With customer demands higher than ever, you want your drivers to follow through on your promises. Route optimization software helps your drivers avoid the delays that would typically make them late. 

Moreover, the updates we discussed earlier will keep your customers informed when your drivers are arriving. Nobody likes to be kept waiting, so customers are sure to appreciate these alerts when their drivers are nearby. 

No. 4: Save on Costs

Of course, your fleet is always looking for ways to save money, and route optimization software helps you accomplish this in various ways. The first way is by saving you money on fuel costs. Fuel costs are a huge portion of every fleet’s budget. Route optimization easily reduces the amount of fuel your fleet uses by reducing the amount of time your vehicles spend idling and ensuring your time spent on the road is used efficiently. 

Insurance premiums are also a factor with route optimization. Insurance companies may offer discounts for implementing safety features like route optimization. It can never hurt to ask! 

Invest in the Best Route Optimization Available

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