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4 Benefits of Using Field Service Management Software for Customers

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Serving customers is at the core of every business that employs field workers. Keeping customers satisfied can be a challenge when operating a mobile workforce. 

Luckily, companies that operate in the field can utilize field service management software to improve both their customer experience and—ultimately—customer satisfaction. 

Field service management solutions can benefit customers in a variety of ways. They often feature cutting-edge GPS technology, automated scheduling, and much more. 

Businesses should look to improve their customer service experiences as soon as possible. According to ReachOut, customer experience is expected to overtake price and product as a key brand differentiator in the near future. 

Field service management can modernize your customer experience and ensure your field workers provide exceptional customer service.   

Why Field Service Customer Satisfaction Matters  

If your business operates in the field, you no doubt want to ensure that your customers receive world-class service and think highly of your brand. In fact, according to FinancesOnline, around “72% of organizations are prioritizing improvements in customer satisfaction in field service.”

Customer satisfaction is important for your company’s image. The more customers who think highly of your services, the more likely you are to receive a referral and repeat business.

So how can businesses ensure customer satisfaction

Salesforce outlines how 89% of customers want modern technology incorporated into the way they schedule field workers. They will even pay a premium for access to this. Field service management solutions can provide this type of advanced technology. 

Field service management software can improve the experience of field service customers. In 2018, HSO predicted that “By 2020, 70% of organizations will cite customer satisfaction as a primary benefit derived from implementing field service management software.” 

Companies that operate in the field can maximize their customer experience by using field service management systems. There are many benefits to this. For instance, the consulting firm McKinsey found that improving the customer experience can increase customer satisfaction by 20%, raise revenue by up to 15%, and lower the cost of serving customers by up to 20%. 

4 Benefits of Using Field Service Management Software for Customers

Making sure customers are extremely satisfied—so they purchase repeat business and refer your company to others—is very important to businesses that operate in the field. 

Field service management software can greatly benefit customers and give your business a boost in customer satisfaction scores.

In industries like HVAC, electrical, plumbing, pest control, and many others, recurring service revenue relies on excellent customer service and superb customer satisfaction. 

Here are 4 benefits of using field service management solutions for customers.  

Instant Access to Information

Field service management software can store databases of client history. Data like order history—including when and where installations, repairs, or maintenance work was performed in the past—is readily available to workers in the field. 

With many businesses adopting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device), field workers have access to field service management software databases and information from anywhere—even if they are at a site without internet access, a phone, or a radio in their vehicle. 

Field workers can also access technical instructions with ease using field service management systems.  

Customers can rest easy knowing that field service management software supports different access levels, so employees can only see information relevant to their job. 

When field workers have access to all of the information they need in one convenient software tool, they are able to increase their productivity and are more likely to deliver services on-time

Employees in the field don’t need to rely on hearing back from or going back to the head office to receive time-sensitive information.  

Customers who have questions about their service—such as how much a replacement part will cost—can be answered more quickly and accurately by field workers using information that is accessible from field service management solutions.  

Faster Service

Field service management solutions can locate the closest field worker to a job with the right qualifications. In the event a field worker cancels last minute due to illness, being fired, or quitting, field service management software can be used to quickly identify the best person to fill in. 

This means fewer service interruptions for customers and a more seamless experience. 

In the event a field worker is running late due to a previous job running overtime, or because they got lost en route, field service management software makes it easy to update the client on the new estimated arrival time. 

Keeping customers informed—even when their service is being delayed—can lead to improved customer satisfaction.  

Process Payments Remotely 

A huge benefit of field service management software is having built-in payment processing. This allows field workers to receive funds from clients instantaneously from any location with cell reception. 

This can reduce the need for invoicing for businesses and is extremely convenient for customers. 

Clients are coming to expect features like remote payment processing from field service workers. Using field service management solutions ensures that your business appears modern in customers’ eyes. 

Increased Professionalism

Customers appreciate professionalism, and field service management software can increase professionalism at your field service business. By giving field workers access to essential information, field service management software can speed up jobs and projects. 

Field service management software can also help field workers answer client requests promptly and accurately. If a field worker becomes suddenly unavailable, field service management solutions can quickly reroute another employee to fill in. Customers will appreciate not having to reschedule to a later date. 

Overall, field service management software helps field workers perform their job in a more efficient and professional manner. 


Field service management software is quickly becoming a standard among organizations that operate in the field. This is illustrated by the fact that 48% of companies are already utilizing field service management software.

This is no surprise, since customers receive so many benefits from companies using field service management software. Field service management systems improve access to information, store client history, and generally increase the efficiency of your organization. 
If your company wants to win customer loyalty and improve your customer satisfaction scores through better field service management, then look into the cutting-edge software products that Azuga offers.