2G Shutdown: Turn a Headache into a Win

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You’ve probably heard about the 2G shutdown—it started a while back as the carriers shut down their 2G towers or repurposed them for 4G and LTE service. More than 3,500 2G towers are already decommissioned, and AT&T will completely shutter its 2G system by the end of 2016.

While a smart idea for the wireless carriers, the 2G shutdown is nothing but a headache for anyone who installed a GPS Fleet tracking solution more than 2-3 years back. If this sounds familiar, your current tracking provider has probably reached out to you to “fix” this problem through “special discounts” on new hardware and the fees to de-install and re-install all of this stuff. When it’s all said and done, you’ll be out a lot of money only to be in the same place you were before.

If you haven’t started looking at your options, now’s the time. Here are the 3 issues you should be considering:
  1. Are going out of pocket with your current provider to transition off of 2G?
    A typical de-install/re-install costs from $80-$100. Your provider will probably look to you to bear this cost on top of any charges for the new device. With Azuga, there are no upfront hardware costs, and devices are self installed.
  2. How disruptive will this transition be to your fleet or service operations?
    Your 2G devices are most likely hardwired into your vehicles. Replacing the old hardwired devices with a newer hardwired device will force you to take all vehicles out of service. Azuga’s devices are self-installed, making the process much faster and easier.
  3. After the transition off of 2G, are you in the exact same spot, or are you getting new capabilities and benefits from your solution?Going thru the cost, hassles and disruptions of the 2G transition, only to end up exactly where you were to start with, doesn’t sound like a win! Azuga offers capabilities that can add new ways to save money, improve safety and operate more efficiently.