10 Signs You Need a New Fleet Management System

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Fleet management is a busy and often thankless job. You don’t have time for a software solution that isn’t working for your fleet. If you’re running into any of the following problems, it may be time to look for a new fleet management system.

Dispatch is a Nightmare

GPS tracking for your fleet is about more than just knowing where your trucks, vans, and cars are. It’s also about helping them get to where they need to be. If your dispatch system is inefficient, incomprehensible, or just plain inaccurate, it costs your company money and can also hurt your reputation.  

Azuga Fleet offers the dispatch solution you need. You’ll be able to schedule trips, assign team members to each stop, send automated dispatch messages to your drivers, check the status of each trip in real-time, and give your clients a realistic ETA for each delivery or service call.

You Can’t Access Your Fleet Management System on the Go

Most fleet managers wear a number of hats within their organization. This means you may not spend much time in the office or sitting at a desk. Yet some fleet management systems still require computer access to use all of their solutions. If you can’t pull up your management dashboard on your phone or tablet, or your service provider makes you pay for the privilege, it may be time for a change. 

Azuga Fleet Mobile is the full-featured mobile app that works alongside Azuga Fleet, and it’s available for free with any Fleet subscription. Our app is more than just a bare-bones experience too. It gives you access to all sorts of features, including driver safety scores, timecards, vehicle health monitoring, and so much more. 

You Need to Improve Driver Safety

Driver safety should be a top priority for every fleet, yet a good number of fleet management solutions do little to help with this concern. If your drivers are having too many close calls, getting into accidents, or beginning to give your company a bad reputation due to their driving habits, it’s time to do something about it.  

Not sure where to start? Give Azuga Feet Safety Software a try. Our GPS trackers will let you know which drivers are exhibiting risky behaviors like speeding or hard braking, so you can offer the right training for each individual’s habits. But more than that, we gamify safe driving with driver safety scores and a morale-boosting Driver Rewards program. We can also help curb distracted driving with DriveSafe, and even offer online safety training videos with Azuga Coach.

You Need to Track More Than Cars and Trucks 

A fleet tracking solution that only works with large trucks is great if you don’t have anything else to track, but most fleets have a number of assets of various shapes and sizes. If you’re having to use a separate program to track construction equipment, storage containers, generators, and other large assets, that’s not a very efficient system. And if you’re using old-fashioned, manual systems for tracking these assets, you’re missing out on a great deal of useful features.

Azuga Asset Tracking is the solution you’ve been looking for. Install our GPS trackers on powered and non-powered assets and you’ll always know where your equipment can be found. Set up geofencing in your dashboard to get notifications any time an asset leaves its designated area. We’ll help you boost construction safety, keep track of asset pick-ups and deliveries, prevent theft or unauthorized use, and do it all on the same dashboard you use for the rest of your fleet.

The Fleet is Wasting Too Much Fuel

Fuel is one of the largest line items in any fleet’s budget. In addition to the monetary costs of fuel waste, there are also environmental costs, and wasted fuel often signifies excess wear and tear on your fleet vehicles. If your fleet management solution isn’t helping you curb fuel waste, you should rethink your system.

Azuga offers a great number of features that can help you cut back on fuel consumption across your fleet. From streamlined dispatch and improved routing to excessive idling reports, we can give you the data you need to keep your fleet running smoothly and efficiently. We even offer fuel card integrations so you can connect your favorite discount card to your fleet management dashboard!

Your Insurance Premiums are Sky High

Another major fleet cost is insurance. Insurance premiums are a fact of life for a fleet of any size, and while the expense is often significant, it’s also worthwhile should you need to file a claim. If you’re wanting to reduce your insurance premiums, don’t raise your deductible or choose a plan that won’t cover your fleet when you need it most. Instead, look to fleet management software to come to your rescue.

Azuga Fleet is your best friend when trying to negotiate down your insurance premiums. We can help with features that help locate stolen vehicles, promote a culture of driver safety, curb vehicle misuse, and even encourage proper maintenance and repairs. All of this adds up to less liability for your fleet, and hard data to offer to your insurer in the negotiation process. You might be surprised at the difference it can make!

You Need to Track Routine Maintenance Tasks

Speaking of maintenance, if it’s a side of your fleet that you dread to think about, you may have the wrong fleet management system. There’s no need to scribble future maintenance tasks on a desk calendar or set a reminder in your phone. Preventative and predictive maintenance should be a part of your fleet management software package. 

Azuga Fleet can help you schedule routine maintenance tasks such as filter changes and brake replacement. It can also interface with each vehicle’s on-board computer to alert you to minuscule problems before they become larger challenges and possibly lead to a breakdown or road accident.

Your Current System is Too Complex

While most of the complaints above have to do with missing features or basic software that doesn’t do the things you need it to, the opposite is just as bad, if not worse. Some fleet software is simply too complex. If your system requires hours of training for each driver you hire, or you struggle to understand how to use the system to get the info you need, that’s a problem too. 

Azuga’s software is designed to be simple and easy to use. We offer visual representations of crucial data points so you can get a better understanding of what is happening in your fleet at a glance. And we can even customize your telematics reports to give you exactly the information you need, without all the background noise that will simply be overwhelming. 

You Can’t Get Support When You Need It

What about customer support? Is it easy to get help with your current fleet management system when you need it? Do you know who to call if you have a question or run into a problem in the software? If you do call in with a question, can you understand the answer you’re given?

Azuga offers some of the best support solutions in the industry. If you run into trouble, you can search our online support database, or call or email our US-based support team to get the answers you need. We’re here to help and we want to support your fleet for the smoothest, most efficient management system possible. 

Your Current Solution Isn’t Scalable

Are you beginning to outgrow your current solution? It’s a good problem to have when your business is scaling faster than your management software can keep up, but it’s still a problem. 

Azuga Fleet is designed for small businesses and enterprise fleets alike. This means we can scale at your speed and you’ll never have to worry about getting too big for our solutions to work. Whether you have a handful of trucks, or warehouses and facilities all across the country, we can keep your fleet safe, accountable, and efficient, no matter the size.

If any of these struggles sound familiar to you, it might just be time to look at a new fleet management software solution. Contact Azuga today to learn more about all of the features and functions we can offer for your fleet.