Implementing Split Sleeper Berth on Your ELD


Implementing Split Sleeper Berth on Your ELD

What every fleet manager needs to know about the new split sleeper berth rule and how it impacts hours of service regulations.


Trends Driving the Future of Fleet Telematics

Learn about the trends driving the future of fleet telematics.

Understanding DOT Electronic Logbook Regulations

Learn all about the electronic logbook regulations and requirements from the Department of Transportation (DOT).

What is ELD for Truck Drivers?

Learn about electronic logging devices, why they are important, the compliance landscape, finding the best ELD, and Azuga’s ELD offerings.

How to Know When Trucks Need ELD

Learn about when trucks need an ELD or electronic logging device, the exceptions and the rules that accompany it, and Azuga’s ELD offerings.

Can You Edit ELD Logs?

Learn about Electronic Logging Device (ELD) logs and all the rules and restrictions around editing them.

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