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The end to end Electronic Driver Logs application

The end to end Electronic Driver Logs application meets and exceeds all FMCSA 395.15 regulations for Hours of Service compliance and ELD mandate requirements. It captures all required information for the driver’s log and automatically calculates driver’s time remaining based on various daily and weekly limits. Comprehensive back-office reporting allows fleet personnel to make proactive decisions to avoid HOS violations and focus on resource optimization.

The end to end Electronic Driver Logs application


Driver Logs Tablet Application

The Driver Logs driver interface automates the creation and retention of records of duty status for single and team drivers. Drivers select a current status of On Duty, Off Duty or Sleeper Berth, add trailers and shipments, and indicate when they are behind the wheel. When vehicle motion is detected, a driving status is automatically recorded for the active driver. GPS is used to capture location and the odometer is recorded for automatic computation of total miles driven. A comprehensive log view shows the current and previous day’s logs for driver review and roadside inspection.

  • Hours of Service records are automatically captured eliminating manual entries. Full support for co-drivers
  • Automated calculations keep drivers informed of driving availability which assists in time management
  • Visual and audible warnings help keep drivers compliant. In-vehicle log history ensures clean roadside inspections
  • Support for U.S. and Canada ELD and DVIR, along with support for both U.S. federal, state and Canadian driving rules and exemptions
  • Option to configure alerts (notifications and warnings) associated to violations, certification, DVIR etc
  • Wide range of APIs available for integration with other portals
  • Available in multiple languages - English, Spanish and French
  • Support for Android and iOS

Driver Logs Administrative Inter

The web application allows authorized users to review and edit driver logs and run reports from any computer using a web browser. A clean, intuitive report interface allows users to group, filter and sort results to find the information most critical to them. Conflict detection automatically warns of inconsistent or incomplete logs and tools are provided to resolve discrepancies. All changes to the driver’s record of duty status are marked and tracked per regulation. Electronic logs are retained for six months and then automatically purged.

  • Driver logs are easily viewed, edited and printed Original records are retained for auditing purposes
  • Real-time driver availability assists fleets in resource allocation and load planning
  • Reporting allows access to driver logs, violations, driver time, mileage summaries, driver availability amongst others
  • Automated back-office record retention reduces clerical time

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Comprehensive back-office report

The end to end Electronic Driver Logs application

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