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What is Field Service Management Software

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You’ve probably heard a lot about it, but if you just want to know, “what is field service management software,” you’ve come to the right place. Most service fleets are using field service management software these days to stay on top of their fleets’ everyday operations. There is so much to keep track of, from dispatch, to customers, to financial information, that it can be impossible without software to keep it all in order. That is all that field service management, or FSM, software is. It is simply a tool that helps businesses manage all of the resources they use for fleet management. This article will break down what features are available with this software and how fleets use them. 

Features of Field Service Management Software

Dispatch Tools

Dispatching can be one of the most challenging parts of a fleet manager’s job when there are a lot of employees to manage. Fleet management software allows fleet managers to assign jobs directly through the software and monitor their status. Workers can mark a task complete through their phones, then move on to the next job. It’s easy for managers to schedule based on urgency, length of job, and employee availability. 

Customer Database

Keep track of all of your customers in one place with your fleet management software. You can see what technicians each customer has worked with before and assign that tech to them again. Furthermore, when responding to customer disputes, you can pull up all of that customer’s information right from your database, giving you all the information you need right on hand. An expansive CRM provides you with all the customer information you need to answer customer inquiries and deal with customer disputes. 

Fleet Tracking

Most fleets are taking advantage of fleet tracking these days, and field service management software also uses fleet tracking to help in various areas of fleet management. First, you’ll always know where your technicians are, so it’s easier to schedule jobs and plan out your days. Secondly, route planning software uses fleet tracking to get your drivers to all of their stops in the most efficient way possible, ensuring they always get to their destination on time. 

Financial Information

Your field service management software can also accept payments, so all of your payment information is available in one place where you can access reports at any time. These reports can help you check on the overall performance of your business and make critical decisions regarding its operations. The best software also integrates with accounting tools like QuickBooks, ensuring that your information is consistent across your platforms. 

Benefits of Field Service Management Software

Increase Productivity: You can dispatch more efficiently and technicians are more productive when communication is smoother and technician routes are optimized. 

Empower Technicians: With field service management software, technicians can communicate much easier and do more from their phones. They rely less on calling into management to get things done, allowing them to work more independently. 

Reduce Costs: With businesses working more efficiently and compiling data to make decisions to improve efficiency further, your business will be able to save money in the long and short term with field service management software. 

Improve Customer Satisfaction: Customers are much happier when their demands are met on time and their inquiries are answered promptly and accurately. They can build a relationship with your business when they have the same technician every time and will be very impressed with your fleet’s organization. 

Invest in Field Service Management Software Today! 

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