Tribus' Metrics in Fleet Performance are a Dream

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Dedicated to Safety

Tribus Services is a dream customer for Azuga because they are a vigilant company and dedicated to ingraining safety in all that they do. They adhere to regulations and meet industry best practices. Nearly 75% of their vehicles are Class 1 vehicles—Chevys, Jeeps, and Ford vehicles. They maintain their equipment, reward and recognize safe work practices and behaviors.

Fleet Management: An Essential for Field Services

With over 20 years’ experience, Tribus Services, a Corix Company, provides end-to-end smart metering and utility services for electric, gas, and water utilities. Tribus Services has completed more than 25 million Smart Meter/Advanced Meter Infrastructure (AMI)/Automated Meter Reading (AMR) implementations and meter replacements, deploying all types of meter models and smart meter technology to clients including: utilities, municipalities, and cooperatives across North America.

Azuga has helped Tribus Services experience an overall increase in productivity among its drivers. Tribus clearly stands out in terms of productivity as their number of stops in a month is way above the SIC average.

Azuga made it affordable for us to deploy GPS across the entire fleet. Now, we are better able to evaluate fleet performance using geofencing, safety alerts, scheduled maintenance and more.

Kerry Waedekin, award-winning Fleet Manager, Tribus Services

Fleet Safety Relies on Maintenance Schedules

The deployment has enabled more jobs to be attended per day and provides better customer service. Azuga’s plug and play functionality allowed Tribus to do away with the startup costs it faced previously, and save a total of about $100,000.

What’s particularly notable about this fleet is its maintenance record. Most of the vehicles are 4 years old, yet on an average 7.91% of the vehicles in the fleet have recorded DTC (Diagnostic Trouble Code) events compared to 24.89% of vehicles in their SIC.

Superior maintenance not only translates into longer vehicle life, but also improves safety.

Better maintained vehicles are also environmentally friendly, which is apt for a company that helps communities build, manage and operate water, wastewater and sustainable energy systems.

Clearly, this is a company that excels in acting upon metrics in time.