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10 Route Optimization Software Tips for 2022

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Route optimization software is an integral part of many fleets’ operations because it helps streamline operations, save money, and keep drivers safe. This software allows your fleet to get to its destination in the most efficient way possible, using the least amount of fuel. It uses algorithms, machine learning, and satellite data to do this and updates in real-time, so you always have the most accurate data for your fleet. Route optimization software can help you in a variety of ways if you use it correctly. In this article, we will provide ten tips to help you optimize the use of your route optimization software, so you know you’re getting your money’s worth. We will break down these tips into sections that help you with different parts of your fleet. 

Picking the Right Software

This section will discuss what to look for when selecting route optimization software. All route optimization software is different, but there are certain features that your software should have if you want to be successful. 

  • No. 1: Your software should update in real-time. If your software doesn’t update in real-time, it won’t be much use for you if you want to engage in dynamic routing. This means that your route will update automatically as traffic conditions change, new jobs come in, or jobs are canceled. You don’t want your drivers sitting idle in traffic or showing up to the wrong jobs, so this is a critical feature that your software must have. 
  • No. 2: Your software should integrate with fleet management software. The only way that your software can bring in data from incoming jobs and customers is if it integrates with your fleet management software. Otherwise, you have to input everything manually, and it ends up being more work than it’s worth. It’s much easier to transfer everything you need to in one simple step, ensuring there is no room for error. 
  • No. 3: Your software should track historical data. Current data isn’t the only data that is important for route optimization software. It also needs to take into account historical data. This is useful for tracking traffic patterns like rush hours or school zones. It is also helpful for customer information, like preferred time slots and availability. There are many ways that historical data can be beneficial to your fleet, so your software should be able to track and use it. 
  • No. 4: You should be able to easily communicate routes. Communication is one of the most critical factors in business. This means not only communication between drivers and managers but also drivers and customers. Route optimization makes all of this easier with automatic updates. Everything about a driver’s route updates automatically in the system, so managers don’t have to call drivers when they’re on the road. Furthermore, when the driver is close to their customer, the system will automatically update that customer, so the driver doesn’t have to call them. This keeps the driver safe while communication moves smoothly. 

How to Save Money with Route Optimization Software

Saving money is a top priority for fleets in 2022, with rising costs plaguing the industry. You might be surprised to learn that route optimization software can help you save money in a few different ways. Of course, it cuts costs by simply streamlining your operations and making your business run more smoothly, but there are a few specific ways that you can save money with this software as well. Below, we will go over some tips to cut costs with route optimization software. 

  • No. 5: Save money on fuel. Fuel is one of the most significant parts of any fleet’s budget, and it’s hard to cut down on as it is a necessity for every fleet’s operations. Of course, most managers cut down some by changing driver behavior and keeping up with fleet maintenance, but one way you can cut down significantly is with route optimization software. This software aims to get you to your destination in the most efficient way possible, and this means with the least amount of fuel. You’ll be surprised at how much fuel you save using route optimization software. 
  • No. 6: Save money on maintenance. Maintenance costs are also rising in 2022 as the cost of parts and labor skyrocket. With route optimization software, your vehicles spend less time idling. Idling is an immense burden on your vehicles’ engine, and anytime that you can avoid it will benefit your vehicle’s lifespan and health. This is one way that route optimization software keeps your vehicle out of the shop and working for you. 
  • No. 7: Cut insurance costs. Because it’s easier to navigate with route optimization software and easier to communicate without being on the phone, using this software is much safer than going without. This is why many insurance providers will offer a discount to drivers who take advantage of route optimization software. You should check with your insurer to see if yours offers any discounts. 

How to Improve Customer Service with Route Optimization Software

Customer demands have increased in the past couple of years, as large corporations have delivered faster turnaround times and more accurate updates. Nowadays, customers are beginning to expect that from everyone, but smaller businesses are having trouble meeting these expectations without  larger corporations’ resources. Customers’ main expectations regard communication and timeliness. Luckily, route optimization can help satisfy these customer expectations while not breaking the bank for small companies. This section will discuss tips for using route optimization software to improve your business’s customer service reputation. 

  • No. 8: Always reach your destination on time. Customers are quick to become frustrated if you don’t deliver your goods or services on time, especially if competitors will. Route optimization takes away all of the road delays that would prevent you from delivering on your promises, making it possible to meet your customers’ needs. 
  • No. 9: Communicate with the customer. Customers don’t like waiting around all day for you to arrive with no updates or communication as to when to expect you. Luckily, route optimization software eliminates this problem with no effort from your drivers by simply sending them an automatic update via text when the driver is set to arrive. This way, the customer will be ready when the driver arrives, and the interaction will go much more smoothly. 

How to Attract Drivers with Route Optimization Software

With the driver shortage ongoing, attracting and keeping drivers is one of the greatest challenges fleets will face in 2022. Employees have many options to choose from, so businesses must ensure that they are at their best. This means running efficiently and smoothly, along with offering great pay and benefits. In this section, we will explain how to use route optimization software to attract drivers. 

  • No. 10: Drivers want a business that runs smoothly and efficiently. If they are constantly dealing with frustrated customers, an inefficient system, and inconsistent communication, they will not want to work at your business. They are going to want to work somewhere that runs smoothly. Route optimization software offers benefits that solve all of these issues and can convince drivers to join your team. 

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