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Improve Retention With Fleet Management Technology

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Driver turnover happens when there isn’t a solid driver support system. Like many other job roles in a fleet, drivers need somewhere to communicate their issues and feel appreciated and understood. 

With drivers being constantly on the go, it’s essential to keep in touch with them and understand how they operate. Doing so will improve your fleet’s retention rates. The most efficient way to do this is by using fleet management technology.

While this may seem like micromanagement, it’s a way to help provide coaching and positive feedback to the employees you don’t regularly see in person. Driver turnover can be costly for fleet managers, so improving their experience can improve retention rates.

Let’s look at how your fleet can improve retention with fleet management technology to help you attract qualified drivers.

Cultivate Employee Engagement 

Let’s face it: being a driver is a tough job. Long hours on the road mean time spent away from family and friends and potentially missing out on important events, a sacrifice made for the job. Lessen their stress by staying connected to your drivers and measuring their performance as a whole instead of partial data captured at random times throughout the day. 

Engaging with your employees and collaborating with them rather than making it seem one-sided will help them truly feel their value within your fleet. Praising their positive driving habits, reinforcing their good behavior, and using positive affirmations when communicating feedback will show your drivers that you respect them and provide an open line of communication.

Make Data-Driven Decisions

Employees must also know about the areas where they can improve their performance. Use the data you collect on their driving performance to show them how they can truly recognize their potential. Using the data as your guide, you will be more likely to get through to drivers because the feedback is not based on emotion, personal opinion, or potential bias but based on facts. 

Take time to review it together with your drivers individually and as a fleet and provide a comprehensive look at the data and describe what it means for your entire fleet.

Real-Time Information for Accurate Tracking

One of the most valuable parts of fleet technology is the ability to track fleet vehicles in real-time. Provide an accurate ETA to customers without distracting your drivers and communicate with customers if there is a delay. Provide accurate tracking times to reduce potential friction if a driver is behind schedule. Customers tend to respond better to a delay if there is upfront communication. 

From the time the ignition is turned on until it is off, tracking is active, enabling both travel time and service time to be considered. Keep all parties on the same page about arrival time, and you’ll improve your fleet’s customer service. 

Driver Safety and Protection

Your driver’s safety should be your number one priority. You’ll easily retain drivers if they feel backed by their company in the event of an accident or other type of incident. Technology can provide that insight into what actually transpired and help you backup your driver. Dashcams offer an added layer of security as a virtual eye-witness to protect your driver when they are involved in an incident, exonerating them when they are not at fault. 

This will prevent or reduce lawsuits and keep your employees safe. Investing in a dashcam per vehicle will help retain good drivers who feel backed by incident surveillance. Front-facing dashcams can give the driver’s perspective and hold the right party accountable for the incident. 

Your Retention Through Prevention Toolkit

Employee turnover rates have never been higher, and fleet management is no exception. Treat your drivers like the vital resources they are. Boost morale and reduce churn by fostering a sense of motivation among drivers. Don’t only focus on their faults, but use them as teachable moments while praising their successes. Remember — their success is your success. Utilize technology as a tool to prevent incidents from occurring and making your fleet unhappy. 

Ready to get started with a fleet management technology system to help your drivers achieve their maximum potential? Schedule a demo with Azuga today and see how your fleet can be transformed.