Fleet Tracking

GPS Technology is a Given but it’s All About Service, says a Leading Cable TV Retailer

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To deliver exceptional customer service round the year, Satellites Unlimited, a leading retailer in television entertainment and in its 25th year, counts on its highly skilled technicians and its well-maintained fleet.

The leading authorized retailer for DISH, a Fortune 200 Company, Satellites Unlimited provide professional installation services to more than 450,000 customers annually. Their fleet has a vital role, mainly in installations of DISH services and customer support throughout the southeast—in seven states.

Tracking for higher safety and more service calls

To maintain high standards, SU equips team members with the training and resources to achieve success, and rewards top performance. It is committed to its people and its customers alike. As a fleet tracking customer, their priorities have been to monitor and have proof of on-time arrival, to regulate use of fuel cards, and to curtail speeding.

Their reason for choosing Azuga was to move to stronger customer support. Azuga’s standards in customer service have been acknowledged recently in the Top 5 Fleet Management Provider award from Software Advice of the Gartner Group.

“Azuga has gone out of their way to put things into the fleet tracking system to help us. We absolutely love it…. I’m a believer in the Azuga fleet tracking system.”
Jon Sims, Fleet Manager

Regulating speed and fuel purchase

SU’s fleet managers utilize Azuga’s Posted Speed Limit to discourage unsafe driving. Their fleet has been consistent in maintaining high safety. Their hard braking and harsh acceleration events per 100 miles are about 0.15 events as compared to 2 events for a typical fleet. Their speeding events too have been very low (again less than 0.05 events as compared with a typical 2 events per 100 miles). The management has also been able to pinpoint misuse of company fuel cards and thwart it.