Azuga is an innovative connected-vehicle solutions company.

With more than 30 years in the automotive electronics industry, we have a proven track record of disrupting markets with game changing solutions.

Our software and hardware products are designed to collect data from vehicles and we translate that into useful information to increase driver safety and awareness. Designing hardware and having a deep understanding of how vehicle computers talk makes all the difference from a customer experience standpoint. You can find happy Azuga customers in private vehicles and service fleets all over the world.

And we’ve been around the block: The Azuga team is comprised of industry veterans assembled from General Motors, Ford, AT&T, Oracle, Xora, Telenav and Allstate Insurance.


2570 N. First Street, #200
San Jose, CA, 95131
+1 (408) 430-5777

A2, 7th Floor
77 Town Center
Yemalur, Bangalore, 560 037

Colorado Springs
5150 N. Union Blvd, Suite 220
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
+1 (719) 694-2667