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Transform Your Drivers into Safety Experts

Azuga Social Telematics: From “Gotcha” to “Great Job”

No one likes big brother GPS, but everyone loves rewards. Azuga’s unique rewards-driven GPS fires up drivers with gift cards from major retailers and restaurant chains. This is your chance to change your fleet management culture from ‘gotcha’ to ‘great job’. Learn More.

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Killer Pricing. $0 Install.
$0 Hardware. Lifetime Hardware Warranty.

85¢/day per vehicle gets it all ─ not just vehicle tracking ─ but driver scorecards, posted speeds, on-the-go vehicle diagnostics and premium features only Azuga delivers. Plus a lifetime warranty along with top-rated customer service and support.

Get it all for one low price, with no hidden fees. See Pricing.

Plug-in Everything

Forget costly and disruptive GPS installations. Simply plug Azuga’s patented, compact device into your  vehicle’s OBD-II port and you’re ready to go in minutes! Don’t worry about your device becoming outdated anytime soon. Online software updates—transparent to drivers—help future-proof your GPS fleet tracking.  Learn More

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Enterprise Class

Azuga is built on an enterprise-grade software platform, cloud-based and accessible from any device – desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. Our interface is intuitive enough that you’ll be on your way in minutes, and robust enough to provide everything you need at a cost you’ll love.

“We selected Azuga for its comprehensive functionality spanning GPS tracking, rewards-driven driver behavior solutions and engine diagnostics. We were able to improve many aspects of our fleet operations within the first three months of deploying Azuga. Its reliability, accuracy and value are unlike traditional hard-installed GPS systems. In addition, their social telematics feature allows us to further motivate and incentivize employees as well as continue to improve ROI.”

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Service Experts

Funding State Roadways

State governments have high standards. That’s why Oregon selected Azuga for pioneering a major shift in how road funding is collected: charging vehicle owners for actual road use.

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What Makes Azuga Different

Rewards-Driven GPS: Motivate your team with a system that scores and ranks drivers. Azuga recognizes the top drivers and fleets in the U.S. each quarter; or create your own rewards program.

Lifetime hardware warranty: Our hardware comes with a lifetime warranty—we stand by our Detroit-made product. If a unit stops working, a new one will arrive in the mail, at no cost to you.

We control our own destiny: Azuga is the only Fleet GPS provider to design, engineer and build its devices right here in the USA.

A robust set of features that won’t break the bank: Get the tracking and reporting features you need, plus a slick mobile app, comprehensive fuel reporting and more for just 85¢ per day.

Automotive DNA: We have over 30 years experience within the automotive electronics industry, and our core team members come from companies such as Oracle, AT&T, AllState, Ford, GM, Xora, Telenav and NASA.

Distracted driving prevention: Azuga enables you to capture driver cell phone usage while the vehicle is in motion. Some of our customers report that the mere presence of this feature helps prevent dangerous cell phone usage.

Our Unbeatable DNA

We have a strategic partnership with  Danlaw (Novi, MI), who for over 30 years has supplied major automakers and insurance companies with vehicle electronics. Chances are, our products are already embedded in your vehicle.  Learn More.

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