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A message from Mitchell Smith, Reseller Program Manager

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After a long wait, our PRM tool is finally here!!! Official release to all of our partners will be April 10th. 
Initially the tool will have the following features:

  • Submit and Track Orders
  • Submit and Track Support Cases
  • Submit and Track Device Migrations 
  • Register Leads/Deals
  • Co-branded Marketing Collateral 
  • Product Specific Sales Guides
  • Tier 1 Troubleshooting Guides
  • Onboarding/Training Material

You can register before April 10th at ( and click “Request An Account”. Please use your work email with your company domain as this will automatically link you to your correct account on April 10th.
Please reach out to me or your Channel Manager with any further questions. We truly value your partnership, and we are looking forward to serving you in 2023 and beyond.

Marketing Announcement

We want to help our resellers grow!

Marketing is here to add any needed support to your creative initiatives, whether you need refreshed collateral or are attending an upcoming event and need support, reach out to for all your marketing needs.

reseller partner

New Product Updates

reseller partner
reseller partner

Common Alerts for AI Cam Events

AI camera alerts play an important role in keeping consumers secure by alerting them to AI camera events. Alerts provide an extra layer of protection by making the driver aware of potential hazards and allowing them to be avoided. As a result, it is critical that we have alerts set up for all AI camera events, both on Classic Fleet and Fleet 2.0, so that any potential dangers may be recognized and handled as soon as possible.

Listed below are the AI alerts that we have provided for users to configure for AI Cam events in order to receive notifications.

  • Driver Behavior  - AI Cam Detected
  • Driving Risks - AI Cam Detected
  • AI Cam Disconnected

Impacted AI Events

Following are the list of events for which AI Cam alerts can be set up:

Driver Behavior - AI Cam Detected

  • Cam Tampered
  • Distracted Driving
  • Eating/Drinking
  • Possible Fatigue
  • Smoking
  • Obstruction
  • Using Phone

Driving Risks - AI Cam Detected

  • Collision Detected - AI Cam
  • g-force Detected
  • High g-force Detected
  • Vibration/Impact
  • Violent Left Turn
  • Violent Right Turn

AI Cam Disconnected

Anytime one of these events occurs, the respective Alert will be triggered, and the driver will be made aware of its occurrence.

Setting up the Alert:

  1. Navigate to Admin >> Alerts >> Add Alert >>  type Driver Behavior - AI Cam Detected/Driving Risks - AI Cam Detected/AI Cam Disconnected.
  2. When the name of any AI Cam alert is entered, the events associated with that alert will appear.
3.     Any of the alert conditions can be unselected based on your needs. However, at least one condition must be selected for the alert to be configured, otherwise the validation message stating 'Please select at least one Alert Condition' will appear.
4. The additional fields for setting up these AI alerts are similar to those for existing alerts.


  1. Upon setting up alerts for AI camera events, if these alerts are triggered, they should also be displayed in the Alert Report.
  2. Users with AI packages should only see the Driver Behavior
    - AI Cam Detected and Driving Risks
    - AI Cam Detected alerts under Admin >> Alerts.

Note: This feature improvement has been implemented on both Classic Fleet and Fleet 2.0.

Improvements on SafetyCam Page | Fleet 2.0

The most significant changes made on the Safetycam page are the addition of an improved intuitive user interface, improved search capabilities, and faster loading times. These changes make it easier to find the information you need and enhance the overall experience faster and more efficient.

Here are the improvements that have been made on the SafetyCam page in Fleet 2.0:

  • Time Period selection range of up to 1 month (31 days) for camera events
  • Separate tab for Requested Video
  • Improved visibility of the Apply Filters button
  • Uniformity in length of all 3 sections
  • Improved scroll bar and infinite scrolling across the SafetyCam page to allow all videos to be loaded.

Note: This feature improvement has been implemented and is only applicable to Fleet 2.0 and will not affect Classic Fleet in any way

Auto-population of Vehicle Names for Live Stream & Request Videos | Fleet 2.0

Previously, when requesting a video or livestream, other than those found in 'Recent Searches,' the user must remember and enter the exact name of the vehicle in order for the vehicles to be populated. This can be very inconvenient and time-consuming. Furthermore, there was a delay in populating the vehicle as well.

With this improvement, we have simplified the effort required by users to search for vehicles in this way:

  1. Entire list of the vehicle to appear upfront, allowing users to find the vehicle they are looking for with minimal effort.
  2. Vehicles are loaded quickly.
  3. Improved performance in the Recent Searches field to auto-generate vehicles' names eligible for Livestream/Video Requests Videos/Live Streaming.

Note: This feature improvement has been implemented and is only applicable to Fleet 2.0 and will not affect Classic Fleet in any way.

Auto - Generation of the Request Names | Fleet 2.0

Previously, users were required to type the name of each video request they made.

To minimize the user's effort, the request names are auto-generated to shorten the amount of time it takes for the user to make a request, as they don't need to type out the entire name of the video.This helps to streamline the request process, increases accuracy, and improves the user experience.

However, the auto-generated name can be edited by the user based on their requirements.

Step - 1: Navigation to Safetycam >> Request Video(s) >> Enter Vehicle Name >> Select Date >> Enter Time.

Step - 2: Click Next.

Step - 3: The request name will be auto-generated in the format “DDMonthYYYY_Vehicle Name_Request: Request Number” Click on Request Video to proceed with your request.

Step - 4: Click on Confirm Request to submit your request.

Note: This feature improvement has been implemented and is only applicable to Fleet 2.0 and will not affect Classic Fleet in any way.


Product Updates

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Azuga Fleet

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Finally getting back in front of prospects again! Events have proven to be a successful endeavor in building our brand and establishing rapport with current and potential customers.

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