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A Message From Howard Sandberg

This month's message is from Howard Sandberg, Partner Sales Manager here at Azuga.

With more than 20 years of industry experience, I am as passionate about GPS telematics as ever before.  It's fair to say that GPS dots on a map has become passe.  I am reinvigorated working for such an amazing company that has an unwavering commitment to driver safety.  They say a picture is worth a thousand words but what is dashcam video worth?  It's priceless!!  Our technology literally helps save lives!!    

With Azuga's GPS tracking and video telematics solutions, customers have the ability to identify high risk drivers that pose a threat to themselves and the general public.  Through powerful AI technology, customers have visibility into driving events such as cell phone usage, seatbelt detection, smoking, food or drink distraction and so much more.  To combat initial driver pushback and trepidation, Azuga promotes a "carrot approach" through our Driver Rewards program.  Gamification diffuses tension and concern that dashcams are being used solely to reprimand and possibly discipline drivers.  Customers can issue electronic gift cards to incentivize drivers to be safer behind the wheel.  Drivers can see their scorecards and how they stack up to their peers via our mobile app.  No one likes to see their name at the bottom.  When drivers compete, everyone wins!!  

You might be saying, "Howard, this sounds great but HOW do we get our guys and gals to become better drivers?"  Dashcams can provide in-cab audio alerts that inform the driver when they have committed an unsafe event.  It's like having a spouse in your ear to yell at you for being dangerous but without the actual spouse and yelling!!  I am not a good driver and sometimes I am not even aware that I have done something risky.  The dashcam helps me learn and "wakes me up."  It doesn't stop here.  Azuga Coach is like a virtual driver class room to help educate drivers and change unsafe driving habits.  Drivers receive tutorial videos that are tailored around their own unique weaknesses (IE- harsh braking).  Empowering folks with the tools that they need to become safer drivers is paramount in creating a safety culture.  

On behalf of the wonderful team that I have the privilege to be a part of, thank you for being with us on our safety journey!!

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