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Welcome to the March 2023 edition of the Sales Enablement newsletter!

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February Results - Some standout results this month!

SMB team hit an amazing132% against goal on upselling to existing customers! Overall Direct sales hit84% of the goal in February. Q1 finishing strong in March, watch this space…….

Bamboo Crew 2023 EOQ Update

Please use this new form when submittingyour nominations for the Employee of the Quarter!

Q1 is almost over so please make sureyour nominations are received by April 15th!
Nomination Form: Bamboo Crew 2023 EOQ Nomination Form
Here is the link to our Kick-Off eventslide Deck on our new award programs:
Bamboo Crew - 2023

Shark Tank Competition Q1! (Get your videos in by end of March!)

We were all so impressed with the quality and participation of the Shark Tank video competition at the Company Kick off we are going to run it again in Q1. Pitch Azuga products in a 5-minute video to win prizes. We need your entries emailed to Tami ( by the end of March. We will add the videos to the April Newsletter with a survey for everyone to vote for the funniest, most creative, and favorite video. Rules below! Happy filming!

Product Updates- Updates and New Feature Releases Training Sessions

Please look out for Sales training sessions on new features and product updates this month and next. Sales leaders and the product department want to keep you all informed on the latest products, features, and improvements to the Azuga product line. 
March will see the following products and features covered in multiple scheduled sessions, look out for invites and make sure you join one -

Check out Recent releases

Azuga Fleet 2.0 and Fleet Mobile Updates …..

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Do not forget ….Resources to utilize…..

Please make sure you are utilizing the training modules within all the applications. They all have extensive tutorials and “academies” to improve your skill set.
Below are all the links to these training and support sections,use them, learn and invest in yourself! Please use the QR code for each app to scan for mobile access if you need it to learn on the go!






Product Updates

Azuga Fleet
Azuga Fleet

Employee Spotlight

Upcoming Events

Finally getting back in front of prospects again! Events have proven to be a successful endeavor in building our brand and establishing rapport with current and potential customers.

September 2021

Lawn & Landscape Tech Conference


Heat 2021

Service World Expo

The Utility Expo

October 2021

Nexstar Super

GIE + Expo


EPIC 2021












Content Updates

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