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Welcome to the June 2023 edition of the Sales Enablement newsletter!

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May Results

We had a better May against goal over April. SMB Existing sales were strong as were Insurance sales this month. June is nearly over so we need a huge push to end the quarter!

Product Updates- Collision Detection / Reconstruction

Collision Reconstruction training for Sales teams will be scheduled shortly.

Effective immediately, Collision Detection will be included as a standard feature at no additional cost for all accounts using data loggers. Additionally, the Collision Detection Alert will be enabled by default for these accounts. The users of these accounts will have the ability to access Collision Detection events and other event-related information directly from the platform (only available on Fleet 2.0). 

However, we would like to clarify that Collision Reconstruction will continue to remain a paid add-on feature.

When the alert is triggered, a generic E-Mail will be sent to the Admin and paired driver. The below details are displayed in the triggered mail:

✔ Azuga Device Serial Number

✔ Vehicle Serial Number

✔ Associated Group Name

✔ Event Date and Time

✔ Maximum G-Force Detected

✔ Address where the event occurred

✔ Latitude and Longitude details
    with link to view on Maps

✔ Google Street View image

✔ Contact Us button that triggers
     Mail to Azuga customer care ID

Product Updates- Fleet 2.0- Migration and Training Videos

Fleet 2.0 has been a significant upgrade project, product and engineering teams have worked tirelessly to ensure we have a platform that is future-proof and has a modern UI for our customers and end users. We have transitioned 1900 SMB accounts so far from Fleet Classic to Fleet 2.0 and continue at pace to convert all our accounts. Only 15 SMB accounts require continued access to the old platform which is a testament to the improved UI and functionality. Below are all our customer-facing training videos on each facet of 2.0. Please make sure you get up to speed and check out the FAQ document.

Azuga Fleet 2.0 - Vehicles

Azuga Fleet 2.0 - SafetyCam

Azuga Fleet 2.0 - Rewards

Azuga Fleet 2.0 - Reports

Azuga Fleet 2.0 - Maintenance

Azuga Fleet 2.0 - Live Maps

Azuga Fleet 2.0 - GeoFences

Azuga Fleet 2.0 - Drivers

Azuga Fleet 2.0 - Dashboard

Customer Knowledge Base

This is the updated knowledge base website page for customers. We will post/highlight articles/docs every month. Add it to your bookmarks for reference and utilize it for Smartlinks to prospects!

Here is the link to the page:

Do not forget ….Resources to utilize…..

Please make sure you are utilizing the training modules within all the applications. They all have extensive tutorials and “academies” to improve your skill set.
Below are all the links to these training and support sections, use them, learn, and invest in yourself! 

LMS - Update

Please be on the lookout for LMS emails to complete any training on new product releases. In May we allocated all salespeople the TPMS training video with info sheets, collateral, FAQs, and a questionnaire to complete the module. We still have little way to go to 100% completion (see pie charts). We intend to release new products and features both in the LMS training format and scheduled product sessions. It is important you acknowledge and take the LMS modules so we know who has had the training and who we need to follow up with.
Look out for more sessions and allocated modules shortly.

Product Updates

Azuga Fleet
Azuga Fleet

Employee Spotlight

Upcoming Events

Finally getting back in front of prospects again! Events have proven to be a successful endeavor in building our brand and establishing rapport with current and potential customers.

September 2021

Lawn & Landscape Tech Conference


Heat 2021

Service World Expo

The Utility Expo

October 2021

Nexstar Super

GIE + Expo


EPIC 2021












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