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Welcome to the June 2022 edition of the Sales Enablement newsletter! We had some very positive feedback and we hope you find the content fun and useful!

May Results - Well, what can we say……BOOM!

Another fantastic result in May ! Well done to all the sales teams for all your hard work and focus, a big target got blown away! Congrats to Bangalore team for selling over a 1000 safety cams this month, AMAZING ACHIEVEMENT!

Outreach / SFDC/ App Tips

Each month we will be utilizing our resident Tech Guru Arpith to share some useful tips and tricks and best practices! Check out our latest tip on Outreach in the video link. Please let us know if there is anything specific you would like to see!

*no animals were actually sat on or harmed during this battle…

Favorite teacher at school and why?

Mrs. Elizabeth Prasad, who was my English teacher in 4th grade. I used to spell 'Ready' as 'Reddy'; clearly my Andhra routes :-p . Anywho, she gave special attention every week to help improve my spellings and pronunciation.

Best advice you ever got?

Two pieces of advice actually: 1st: "Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the possible" - Sadan Ram; 2nd: "Life would be a lot better if we all took ourselves less seriously" - Sean Bailey

What’s the most useless talent you have?

Amateur beatboxing :)

What’s the closest thing to real magic?

Realizing & witnessing answered prayer

Favorite country you have visited and why?

Egypt. There is something mystical about a clear night sky and endless dunes of sand and the echoes of history in the wind. 

Do you have any bad habits?    

Too many to name but the biggest among them is - 'Telling myself none of these are really bad habits but rather occasional indulgences' :)


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Azuga Fleet
Azuga Fleet

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Finally getting back in front of prospects again! Events have proven to be a successful endeavor in building our brand and establishing rapport with current and potential customers.

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