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Welcome to the January 2023 edition of the Sales Enablement newsletter!

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December Results - Awesome Final Month of 2022!

After a slow beginning to the month the sales teams did what they always do, deliver when we need it! The Q4 total was the second highest quarter last year. Well done to all the sales teams! Have to mention the Reseller channel and SMB Bangalore team for finishing off the year really strong!

We hoped you enjoyed the kick off event on the 12th & 13th! Don’t forget to utilize the on-demand reruns if you missed any presentations: (Engineering Presentation will be added and sent out)

If you have not done so already please click here:  Kick Off - Your Thoughts  to take the survey on the event. We want your input to improve our future Company Kick offs!

Product Updates- Fleet 2.0

Following improvements have been made on Fleet 2.0:

  • The request video flow diagram window has been modified to display streamlined content after the video request has been fulfilled to improve user comprehension.
  • The TrackMe feature's link has been improved to display more relevant and important information users need and less redundant information. 
  • Various functionality upgrades have been made to the ‘Create Geofence’ pop-up on Live Maps, improving the user's ability to create geofences directly from Live Maps.

Following improvement has been made on Classic Fleet:

The TrackMe feature's link has been improved to display more relevant and important information users need and less redundant information.

Following are the feature gaps which have been addressed on Fleet 2.0:

  1. The ‘Search Parameter’ drop-down now has the option 'All' in the User page under the Admin module, which allows users to view records of all parameters. Added loader message to display data loading progress.
  2. The User page under the Admin module now supports sorting across all columns in the table. Users will benefit from the ease of use that the Sortability feature provides.
  3. We now visually highlight list Items on the Web when hovering over them to enhance user experience.
  4. We have optimized the Vehicle map marker on Live Maps in the Legacy mode to display a more optimized vehicle icon, text color, background color, and border color.
  5. With the newly added 'Track When' condition to the Geofence pop-up on Live Maps, users will now be able to create a Geofence with Landmark conditions directly from Live Maps.


For a more detailed explanation, please refer to the below-linked documents.
Please reach out to if there are any questions.

[Internal] Release Notes - Sprint 44 & 45
[Customer] Release Notes - Sprint 44 & 45

Do not forget ….Resources to utilize…..

Please make sure you are utilizing the training modules within all the applications. They all have extensive tutorials and “academies” to improve your skill set. 

Below are all the links to these training and support sections, use them, learn and invest in yourself!

Gong Academy
Outreach University
Trailhead (Salesforce learning Center)
LinkedIn Sales Solutions (Sales Navigator)

SMB LGS New Hire Training team updates


Product Updates

Azuga Fleet
Azuga Fleet

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Finally getting back in front of prospects again! Events have proven to be a successful endeavor in building our brand and establishing rapport with current and potential customers.

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