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Welcome to the December 2022 edition of the Sales Enablement newsletter, the last one of 2022!

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November Results - Another great Come back !

B2B Q4 can be difficult to predict in many organizations. We have seen volatile results over the years in different industries. What looked like a difficult month for Azuga at the beginning of November turned into another strong result and epic final week. Congrats to the Reseller channel and SMB team who had great months!

Virtual Sales & Company Kick Off - GROW 2023!

Link: Kyle Maynard

Make sure you save the days! January 12th &13th will see Azuga host a two day Virtual Sales and Company Kick off for All hands. All departments will be presenting their review of 2022 and vision for 2023. We would like to see the whole company attend but will record the sessions in sections to accommodate team members who cannot join for the whole agenda across the two days. 

On day two we have an inspiring guest speaker Kyle Maynard, check out his web page on the link above. We are excited for you all to experience his story and honored he will be speaking to us! 

Also, if you have not yet been informed by your leadership, we want each department to produce a video (Shark Tank style) to pitch Azuga! As the slide below states anything goes (work appropriate) must be five minutes long and the best, most innovative and fun pitch, voted for by all the attendees will win an awesome prize! So get together with some colleagues and your leadership and get filming your presentations! Videos to be submitted by January 5th!

Product Updates

New SafetyCam AI Events

New SafetyCam AI add-on events have been added to the existing Fleet events which capture incidents when drivers engage in unsafe driving practices during trips. These incidents are displayed in the Breadcrumb, Safetycam tab, and Safetycam Report based on the events type that was recorded.

List of newly added AI events:

  • Collision Detected - AI Cam
  • g-force Detected
  • High g-force Detected
  • Tailgating
  • Lane departure
  • Obstruction
  • Possible Fatigue

List of newly added AI events for which videos are captured:

  • Collision Detected - AI Cam
  • g-force Detected
  • High g-force Detected
  • Tailgating
  • Lane departure

  • New accounts using Safetycam AI cameras as well as existing users should have all the newly AI Events for which videos are captured are selected by default

Lane departure event will be available from January 2023

To view the events Navigate to Safetycam>>Event Type table

  • To control the event type visibility, events can be enabled or disabled in the Configuration page.
Navigate to Admin >> Config >> Web >> General >> Add-on Event(s) For SafetyCam AI

Enhanced SafetyCam report

With SafetyCam Reports, all events are now listed under the 'Event Type' column, both on the web report and in the exported report, as opposed to previously showing only 'Sudden Acceleration' and 'Hard Braking' events. This allows users to gain a greater understanding of the events that occurred and gather more information about the driver's unsafe driving practices, since they can find all event types in a single report for greater transparency.
We have now introduced a new column ‘Comments’to SafetyCam Web report and exported report, this column features comments madeon the particular video.
Exported Safetycam report 

Surfsight Camera Wakeup | Live Streaming

In order to accommodate our customers' requests, we now offer the option to wake up the Surfsight camera and live stream the events even when the vehicle's ignition is off and the vehicle is not running. We will remotely attempt to wake up the Surfsight camera, and if the Surfsight camera has been woken up, we will facilitate the live streaming of the events for the customers.

To wake up the Surfsight camera:

Safetycam>> Live Stream >> Enter Vehicle Name >> Select the Vehicle.

After clicking on ‘Yes, Switch on the camera’, the following screen will appearwhile trying to wake up the Surfsight camera:
If we are able to successfully wake the camera, the following screen should appear. Live streaming will begin once the user clicks on 'Confirm & Start Streaming'.
If we are not able to wake the camera or Surfsight has not responded for more than two minutes, the following screen should appear
If the user clicks on the ‘Retry’ button, another attemptshould be made to retry the request.
If the user clicks on the 'Return to the App'button, the live stream pop-up should be closed.

The user should be able to retry for a maximum of two times when attempting to live stream a particular vehicle. When a live stream is attempted for the third time for a vehicle, instead of displaying the retry button for that vehicle, the following message should appear:

‘Unable to Live Stream after 3 attempts, try live streaming keeping the vehicle ignition on’

This has been implemented on both Classic and Fleet 2.0

Do not forget ….Resources to utilize…..

Please make sure you are utilizing the training modules within all the applications. They all have extensive tutorials and “academies” to improve your skill set. 
Below are all the links to these training and support sections,use them, learn and invest in yourself!

Trailhead (Salesforce learning Center)

LinkedIn Sales Solutions (Sales Navigator)


Product Updates

Azuga Fleet
Azuga Fleet

Employee Spotlight

Upcoming Events

Finally getting back in front of prospects again! Events have proven to be a successful endeavor in building our brand and establishing rapport with current and potential customers.

September 2021

Lawn & Landscape Tech Conference


Heat 2021

Service World Expo

The Utility Expo

October 2021

Nexstar Super

GIE + Expo


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