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How Vehicle Tracking Software Provides Enhanced Visibility for Towing Fleets

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The towing industry is highly competitive, meaning your business has to be quick and efficient to gain the customer satisfaction you need to stay on top. If you want to stay productive and profitable, you need the best tools at hand to manage your fleet effectively. Fleet vehicle tracking is an invaluable tool for all fleets, particularly towing fleets, and you need the best tracking software if you are going to rise above the competition. Azuga has many clients in the trucking industry who speak highly of our services. Marlboro Towing in Northeast Ohio is one example of our many satisfied customers. This article will dive into our tracking features and how they have helped Marlboro Towing achieve its goals. 

Since implementing Azuga’s vehicle tracking solution and Safety Cameras we have seen an improvement in operational efficiency. The intuitive reports and dashboards give us enhanced visibility into the utilization of our trucks and the behavior of our drivers.

  • Mike Chilson, General Manager of Marlboro Towing

A Breakdown of Vehicle Tracking Features

When it comes down to defining a fleet vehicle tracking system, it is simply a variety of features that provide data on a vehicle’s status, whether location, health, or even driver behavior. Azuga offers many vehicle tracking features, and a towing company can take advantage of a significant number of them. Marlboro’s focus was on increasing visibility and improving driver safety. To achieve these goals, they partnered with Azuga and took advantage of three key features. 

Real-Time GPS Location

GPS tracking shows you where your vehicles currently are on a map that’s easy to follow and up to date. Knowing a vehicle’s location in real-time is key in fleet vehicle tracking. Being able to check on the status of a job makes communication far easier and takes immense stress off of managers. Furthermore, dispatching becomes a breeze when you know which vehicles are on the road and where. Marlboro used Azuga’s integration features to connect the tracking software to Towbook to optimize their dispatching efficiency. 


Geofencing technology allows managers to create a virtual perimeter around a particular area, then receive alerts whenever a truck enters, leaves, or stays within that area. This technology has all kinds of benefits. Firstly, this tracking tool helps managers keep up with where their drivers are. But it also improves driver safety, reduces theft, improves customer service, and reduces downtime. By using geofencing, Marlboro is better able to track its drivers and meet its safety goals. 

Engine Diagnostics

Tracking doesn’t only keep managers aware of a vehicle’s location. It also tracks a vehicle’s health with engine diagnostics and fault-code alerts. These tools offer a digital record of maintenance and inspection information. That way, managers don’t have to worry about updating this information manually. Having maintenance information on hand is critical to ensuring your vehicles’ longevity and safety, and also helps promote preventative maintenance. 

Marlboro’s Results

When Marlboro partnered with Azuga, their goals were to improve visibility and safety within the fleet. They found that they were able to gain better visibility within their towing software, Towbook, when they integrated it with Azuga’s GPS tracking software, which provides accurate, real-time location information to improve dispatch efficiency. The real-time alerts and vehicle utilization reports also helped track their vehicles’ whereabouts and the data they needed to make decisions. They also improved safety by reducing poor driving habits by combining tracking software with Azuga’s dashcams to save money and liability, keeping their drivers on the road. 

Start Tracking For Yourself!

Many customers have found success partnering with Azuga. If you have similar goals as Marlboro Towing and wonder if Azuga is the solution for you, request a demo. We can work together to accomplish anything your fleet needs and reach the same success as our other satisfied customers.