How Drivers Benefit from Fleet Telematics

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Telematics is one of the most valuable technologies available in fleet management today. Telematics combines telecommunications, vehicle technology, and computer science to track many different kinds of vehicle data, including speed, location, fuel efficiency, HoS, maintenance requirements, and more. It promotes driver safety, compliance with government regulations, and efficiency of the fleet as a whole. How fleet telematics benefits managers and the company are apparent, but how does it benefit the driver? This article will break it down. 


One of the most significant benefits of telematics is that it promotes driver safety. Telematics tracks data like speeding, hard braking, and rapid acceleration. This data helps evaluate driver behavior. These evaluations can lead to gamification like Azuga’s driver rewards, which provide prizes to drivers who exhibit positive behaviors on the road. Being able to boast safe driving habits brings other benefits to a driver as well. They can bring it up when it comes time for performance reviews or opportunities to further their career. Being a safe driver is an immense asset in the trucking industry, and safe drivers should enjoy rewards. 

On the other hand, telematics features are also important for drivers who may have bad habits. Some systems alert drivers when they exhibit dangerous behaviors and give them the chance to correct them. If the unsafe practices continue, the system alerts the fleet manager to coach the driver toward safer habits. Constructive feedback from telematics is beneficial for the driver, as it can improve their performance and even save lives. 


GPS tracking is an element of telematics that is of particular use to drivers. Previously, fleet managers planned routes manually at the beginning of the day and could not change them as needed. Or, if they did need to change them, they had to contact the driver while they were busy working or driving. Now, with real-time GPS tracking and the ability to update routes with fleet management software, this issue is a thing of the past. Fleet managers can optimize routes based on jobs, can pivot as needs change, and fleet management software automatically sends updates to drivers’ phones. This system makes drivers’ jobs much more manageable, so they know where to go and can focus on their work without disruptions or distractions. Without GPS tracking from telematics, assigning and changing jobs in real-time would be impossible. 


Geofencing is a part of GPS tracking that helps drivers out a lot. Manually letting clients or other team members know when a driver is getting close to the job site can be a hassle when drivers should be focusing on the road. Geofencing allows for an automatic notification to be sent out when the driver is within a certain range so that the customer or other team can prepare for the driver’s arrival. This practice improves customer service as it keeps the customer in the loop and makes it much easier for the driver to get started on their work when they arrive. It’s just one of the many ways that telematics improves efficiency. 


One of the worst things that can happen when a driver is out on the road is a vehicle breakdown. Mechanical failure can take hours to resolve and eliminate a driver’s productivity for the entire day. Telematics keeps fleet managers updated on the vehicle’s status, so if any issues come up, they can be resolved before they cause a breakdown. Furthermore, telematics allows for the scheduling of preventative maintenance, so drivers don’t have to worry about issues in the first place. Preventative maintenance can increase a vehicle’s longevity and save the company money, but for a driver, it saves immense amounts of time and stress that a breakdown can cause. It can even prevent accidents from a part malfunctioning on the road. Preventative maintenance is a necessity for any fleet, and telematics helps fleets stay on top of all of their vehicles’ needs. 


Telematics is integral to the efficiency and effectiveness of any fleet company. Being able to track this data in real-time gives fleets the ability to support their drivers more than ever. Drivers are the lifeblood of fleets, and helping them should be the top priority. Telematics is a fantastic technology that continues to grow and expand. Find out what telematics can do for you with Azuga. We are the leaders in harnessing telematics for state-of-the-art fleet management software and fleet technologies to make your business more efficient and productive.