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7 Issues in Enterprise Fleet Management & How to Resolve Them With Fleet Tracking

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Managing a fleet of commercial vehicles is never easy, but an enterprise fleet has its own unique challenges. The sheer size of such an endeavor is enough to make many heads spin. However, the task can be made easier with enterprise vehicle tracking software. Here are a few examples of enterprise fleet management issues and how fleet tracking can solve them.

Addressing Fleet Issues

In a small fleet, when problems arise, they can be dealt with efficiently. For enterprise fleets, it’s easy for small issues to get lost and slip through the cracks. This could eventually lead to larger problems down the line. For instance, you might have one driver who consistently exhibits dangerous driving habits like speeding or hard braking. When that driver is one in a group of ten, you’re likely to notice and be able to address the issue quickly. In a fleet of hundreds (or more), most managers don’t even realize the problem exists until an accident occurs.

Fortunately, this issue can be easily addressed with Azuga Fleet. Our GPS fleet trackers monitor driver behaviors and alert you when something’s amiss. This way you can provide extra training or address the issue in other ways before the worst happens. We’ll even provide each driver in your fleet with customized video training through Azuga Coach so you can encourage a culture of safety throughout your entire fleet.

We can help you spot other problems too. From maintenance to compliance violations, we’ll provide you with the alerts you need to see small problems before they become major issues.

Asset Utilization

In a large fleet, it’s easy to lose track of which trucks are being used and which are just sitting around. It’s not uncommon for large fleets to underutilize trucks, vehicles, and other equipment. This leads to purchasing more equipment than you need, which means more expense, more upkeep, and more headaches.

With enterprise vehicle tracking, you can keep track of each car, truck, van, and piece of large equipment in your fleet. You’ll know which vehicles are constantly in use and which spend a large amount of time sitting in the yard. Our telematics will help you fully utilize your fleet, meaning you can get more done with less. You’ll know which equipment is redundant and can be sold off. You may even find that some of your equipment would be more cost-effective to rent.

Asset Tracking

With job locations constantly changing, it’s a challenge to know which assets are where. This means the equipment needed for a job must first be located and transported. If you haven’t kept detailed and accurate records, this could hold up a job for days while assets are tracked down.

Azuga’s Asset Tracking is a great way to monitor all sorts of large equipment. Instead of traditional bar scanner tracking, GPS tracking means you always know where your equipment is—when it’s on the move. So you can pinpoint where a specific piece of equipment is, load it up on a truck, and give an accurate estimate of its arrival time on a job site. Plus, with geofencing, you’ll get an alert whenever any piece of equipment leaves its designated area. This technology makes it so you can effortlessly keep tabs on it all. The best part? Asset tracking is managed from the same dashboard as the rest of your fleet so cars, trucks, vans, backhoes, storage crates, and generators can all be tracked together.

Fuel Consumption

It’s no secret that a large fleet means large fuel costs. And in an enterprise fleet, keeping track of fuel waste can be all but impossible—but it doesn’t have to be. Keep your fuel costs in check with an enterprise fleet tracking system.

Driver habits like speeding, excessive idling, and hard acceleration eat up a lot of fuel unnecessarily. Azuga Fleet can alert you to these habits, and provide training too. But the fleet fuel savings won’t stop there. We’ll help you improve routing efficiency, meaning fewer miles traveled and less fuel spent. Our software can even integrate with several of the most popular fuel card programs, allowing you to seamlessly track fuel usage and reduce waste and its associated costs.

Driver Turnover

Driver turnover can be a problem in any fleet, but in an enterprise fleet it may begin to feel like a revolving door. It costs money to find good drivers and more money to hire and train them. As a fleet manager, your time is precious. If hiring and onboarding are taking up too much time and budget, maybe it’s time to put a stop to driver turnover. What if you could improve fleet driver job satisfaction while improving fleet safety at the same time?

Azuga’s Safe Driver Rewards program offers the chance to do just that. With the program, each fleet driver is given a driver safety score. They can monitor their performance daily and access training materials aimed at improving safety. The safest drivers then get rewards in the form of gift cards. This turns fleet safety into a competition, with drivers competing to be the safest on the road, day after day. We all know how motivational a bit of friendly competition can be. By rewarding safe drivers and helping others achieve better safety scores, you’ll be continually improving your fleet’s safety and employee morale too.

Too Much Data from Too Many Sources

When you hear the term telematics, does it make you cringe? If you’re managing an enterprise fleet, you probably already have data coming at you from a thousand different directions. If each piece of software your fleet uses has its own reporting, before long you can find yourself lost in a sea of data. Telematics is only useful if the data is understandable and easy to access.

With Azuga Fleet, you can access all sorts of telematics data from one convenient dashboard. You’ll get data from fleet tracking, asset tracking, fuel management, maintenance routines, and much more in one place. And our team will even help you customize reports so you get the most relevant information for your fleet’s specific needs. It’s an easy way to cut through the clutter and access actionable information in an easily accessible format. 

Theft and Unauthorized Use

Finally, there are fleet management issues that nobody wants to think about, but we all have to face. Theft of vehicles and equipment can cost a fortune for a large fleet. And unauthorized use means fuel waste and unnecessary wear and tear. Many fleet managers may just write this off as the cost of doing business, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Imagine getting an alert anytime a truck, van, or backhoe isn’t where it’s supposed to be. Or being able to track down a stolen vehicle in a matter of minutes rather than days or weeks. How much more smoothly would your operations run if you could be assured your fleet vehicles and equipment would always be where it’s supposed to be? Not only could you avoid losses, but your insurance company would likely thank you with lower premiums due to the decrease in liability.

If you’re managing an enterprise fleet, you likely have encountered some or all of these issues. Why not make your job easier, and your fleet safer and more efficient, with enterprise fleet tracking? Contact Azuga today or schedule a demo to see how we can solve your enterprise fleet challenges.